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14 HOURS in Deluxe Nightjet Sleeper train: Amsterdam to Vienna

Nightjet's Amsterdam to Vienna service is one of the newest revivals of sleeper train routes in Europe! In the era of "flygskam", or flight shaming, can its deluxe sleeper really provide good value when crossing Europe? I check out my favourite sleeper train operator in this video again: Nightjet is a wonderful service and I hope you'll be a sleeper train convert too!

The Immersive Attraction Providing Exhilarating Views of America's Wonders

FlyOver Las Vegas is the latest experience helping to diversify the Strip from its gambling roots.

If You’re Only Taking A Carry-On For Your Next Trip (And The Thought Is Making You Nervous Sweat), These 30 Things Will Help

No need to pay extra for luggage and then spend time at baggage claim when you can now easily fit what you need into a carry-on. View Entire Post ›

Costco Vacation Deals: Should You Buy One?

Thinking of trying a vacation package? Costco vacation deals, along with deals from BJ's and Sam's Club, are convenient and save you money. But what about the downsides?

COVID-19 travel advice

Traveling during COVID-19? Follow these tips for safely flying, driving and staying at hotels.

Carry-on Luggage Size and Weight Limits by Airline (2024)

Just like checked bags, carry-on luggage size restrictions can vary by airline.

Amazon Has the Best Travel Shoes to Pack for Your Next Vacation

And yes, that includes comfortable sneakers and sandals.

16 Popular Road Trip Destinations in the U.S That Should Be on Your Bucket List

There’s something magical about a road trip that captures the spirit of adventure like nothing else. It’s the freedom to chart your course, turning off the main road whenever curiosity strikes. The joy of a road trip lies in these spontaneous moments—singing along to your favorite tunes, the scenery changing with every mile, and the deep conversations that only seem to happen when you’re watching the world go by through the windshield. Whether it’s the laughter over a missed turn or the awe of a sunset viewed from a quiet overlook, a road trip is about the journey just as much as the destination. Let’s look at 16 popular road trip destinations in the U.S.

15 Things Tourists Should Know Before Visiting Popular Travel Destinations, According To People Who Actually Live There

"If you don't see the locals in the water at the beach, stay out. There's probably a good reason for that..." View Entire Post ›

Dog-first airline expands to new destinations

A new airline offering a dog-first experience announced on Wednesday (June 12) that it was expanding its air network. BARK CEO Matt Meeker called the service a "first-class experience for the dog, a business-class experience for people."

These Vintage Beach Photos Show That Summer Fun Is Timeless

No matter how fast the world changes and technology evolves, nothing will ever take the place of good old-fashioned fun in the sun on the beach.

See the Amazing Gems: What to Expect at the Cruise Ports of Germany

When your travels takes you to the cruise ports of Germany (Cochem, Trier, Koblenz, Cologne, etc.) let us show you the best things to see and do there.

I Sailed on the Longest Luxury River Cruise in the World — Here's What It Was Like

A cultural ritual in Varanasi, 15 days in Bangladesh, and incredible wildlife spotting opportunities were among the trip's highlights.

How technology can help you find and keep track of items while you travel

Technology is reshaping how people are reunited with lost items. Tile offers insights on how people can leverage tech to keep track of valued possessions.

16 Surprisingly Affordable Celebrity Favorite Vacation Destinations

From the Kardashians to the royal family, these affordable celeb vacation destinations won't break the bank.

Flight attendant explains why you should always throw a bottle of water under hotel beds

Glacier National Park’s Popular Going-to-the-Sun Road Is Fully Open for Summer — but You’ll Need a Reservation

Travelers must make vehicle reservations for all cars and motorcycles online at

4 Best Frugal Road Trips in the Pacific Northwest in 2024

The Pacific Northwest stretches across Oregon, Washington, the Canadian province of British Columbia and -- perhaps -- areas like Idaho and northern California, depending on who you ask.

How to Get a Workout in While Traveling

Travel does not have to put a damper on your workout routine.

13 Things That Totally Annoy TSA Agents—and What to Do Instead

Wish you could get through the airport security line faster and easier? You can, and here’s how to do it. The post 13 Things That Totally Annoy TSA Agents—and What to Do Instead appeared first on Reader's Digest.

I moved to Europe, regretted it, and moved back to the US

Everyone said moving to Europe would be great. But Nadia felt the loneliness and cultural differences were too much to bear.

American Living in Europe Reveals How to Avoid Pickpockets During Vacation

If you're going to Europe this summer, you might want to make a note of these tips to keeping your belongings safe at all times.

US Catholics look for Eucharistic revival with national pilgrimage

Hundreds of Catholics gathered in a small Ohio city for devotional activities, part of a cross-country pilgrimage focused on raising the public profile of the Eucharist. Events end in July at the first National Eucharistic Congress in more than 80 years. (AP Video: Jessie Wardarski)

You’re never too old to fly but here are the health risks to consider

While many people the monarch’s age might prefer to take it easy after receiving treatment for cancer, instead the King intends to fly to Australia this autumn, and has said he “remains hopeful it will go ahead”. Even the most direct flight from the UK to Down Under requires 16 and a half hours in the air. The most common complaint among older trav...

Americans take the fewest vacation days in the world

Americans are just too busy to take a holiday, or so they say.

This Lesser-visited Caribbean Island Has Pristine Beaches, Excellent Rum, Rainforest Hikes, and Incredible Biodiversity

The French overseas territory is perfect for adventurous travelers who love a mix of relaxation and activity.

I’ve Worked on Cruise Ships for 10 Years—These Are 18 Mistakes Travelers Should Avoid

These insider cruise tips just might be the difference between disaster and the trip of a lifetime The post I’ve Worked on Cruise Ships for 10 Years—These Are 18 Mistakes Travelers Should Avoid appeared first on Reader's Digest.

"It's Common In Europe But Non-Existent In America": People Are Sharing Little Experiences Or Traditions From Abroad They Wish They Could Adopt Back Home

"When I was abroad, I saw them on pretty much every city block. I would love to have the same thing here in the US." View Entire Post ›

Best TSA-approved locking luggage in 2024

Protect your valuables on your next vacation with TSA-approved locking luggage by Travelpro, Away, Rimowa and more.

26 Newer Travel Products That Will Make You Feel Like A Genius

This RFID-blocking flat fanny pack is so easily hidden you might even forget you're wearing it yourself. View Entire Post ›

7 Easy Tips To Tackle Travel Anxiety, According To A Mental Health Professional

Traveling can be so rewarding; new experiences lend to a broader and more understanding mindset and taking time away from your everyday routine can feel like a much-needed breath of fresh air. Whether you’re headed away on a quick weekend accompanied only by a carry-on, or jet setting on a bachelorette trip to celebrate a lifelong girlfriend, trips are good for the mind, body, and soul. carry-on bachelorette trip

I'm a financial planner, and there are 3 things I tell every client who wants to retire early

Saving just enough to live on $30,000 a year for the next 50 or 60 years is not a smart strategy for a comfortable retirement, writes Eric Roberge.

12 Ways To Travel in Retirement Without Blowing Your Savings

Many retirees dream of spending their golden years on the go, traveling to destinations they didn't have the time to get to while they were working. While you might have the time to travel in...

Duty Free: Is It a Good Deal?

Duty-free stores are fun to check out when traveling but make sure you compare prices and consider alternatives before buying.

Iman Explains Why Solo Travel Is ‘One Thing Every Woman Should Do’

Longtime supermodel Iman Abdulmajid believes young women can learn to be comfortable with themselves when they solo travel. The 68-year-old beauty is InStyle’s latest cover — and she spoke about the benefits of solo travel in a social media clip for the outlet. Her thoughts about women taking trips by their lonesome came after a TikTok user… Continue reading Iman Explains Why Solo Travel Is ‘One Thing Every Woman Should Do’

Just 26 Comfy Shoes That Might Be The Only Pair You Need For That Upcoming Trip (Aka More Suitcase Space)

Meet your travel footwear MVPs. View Entire Post ›

World-traveling couple introduces readers to incredible people from around the globe

Eternally curious and dogged in their pursuit, married travelers Scott and Tarantino know how to track down a good story, and not just any story. In fact, their book "Looking For Legends," comes with a bold itinerary before you even get past the cover. “Let us take you somewhere you’ve never been before, and introduce you to our friends,” is the promise of the subtitle. Soon, you are right ...

My FIRST Time EATING In Uzbekistan

Coming in with a BIG travel day arriving in Tashkent, Uzbekistan as I get my first glimpse of the food, scenery, and culture. This is the first of 5 days in this country. Up next I bring you with me to an Uzbek Wedding. New MERCH 🔪 FOOD HACKS BOOK 📙 Let's Connect 🍕

"A Group Of Tourists Pushed Me To The Floor": People Are Sharing The Global Destinations That Have Been Completely "Ruined" By Their Popularity

"Next time, I'll just buy a postcard because I couldn't get much closer than three blocks away anyhow. It's just so crowded." View Entire Post ›

This Disney Park Is One of the Most Beautiful in the World — How to Visit

Here’s our magical guide to visiting Disneyland Paris.

Apple unveils new travel-friendly features coming to Apple Pay, iPhone, AirPods

Apple is on a mission to replace your physical wallet with a digital one.

Photographer spends two years with traveller families

They are one of Britain’s oldest and, in the view of those who know them, most “misunderstood” minorities. But a photographer hopes his work will show travellers and Romany people in a more sympathetic light, dispelling the myths and negative connotations that have grown up around the community. Sam Wright’s ambition may be about to be fulfilled. H...

25 Affordable Girls' Trip Ideas That Will Convince You to Finally Plan That Getaway

This is your sign to finally book that trip you're always talking about in the group chat.

This Is What a TSA Agent First Notices About You

While it's nice to be noticed, this isn't the kind of attention you want. Here's what to avoid if you want to fly through the airport security check. The post This Is What a TSA Agent First Notices About You appeared first on Reader's Digest.

14 Overrated Tourist Attractions That Aren’t Worth the Line

Save your heard-earned-money for more rewarding experiences.

Matching Short Sets Are the Travel Outfit Trend of the Summer — Shop the 14 Best From $21 at Amazon

Don’t spend a minute of your trip worrying about what to wear.

The latest sign of America's broken work culture: 'quiet vacationing'

Workers are "quiet vacationing," by going on trips without actually taking time off. It's another sign that America's work culture is truly broken.

Now boarding: Healthy airplane hygiene tips

Luggage, headphones and neck pillows are all commonly brought on trips, but some unwelcome invisible viruses may also be tagging along on your next flight. Dr. Mike Ren, primary care physician at Baylor College of Medicine, offers plane hygiene tips to ensure you don't take off or land with an illness.

Rick Steves’ Europe: Pleasant, progressive Oslo puts people first

On my last visit to Oslo, I was struck by how peaceful the city felt. It seemed a world away from the commotion and angst that comes with the 24-hour news here in the US. I couldn’t help but take notes: Parents park their baby carriages on the sidewalk as they abandon their infants for a few moments to step into a store to do some shopping. You can...

These Dog-Friendly Hotels Will Pamper Your Pup in Luxury

Save this for your next road trip.