Goodbye to this blog. Hello to the new.

November 23, 2010

I’ve decided to move in another blogging direction. I’m stepping away from FreshPrinceOfTheBlog…

For everyone that has been down with my blogging since day one, I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know. Thank you so much and don’t be afraid to look back on and read some of the 1,000-plus archived posts and three years of work here.

Note: You also may notice that this current site looks different than it did before, and that’s because in order to keep the same layout, I’d have to pay a yearly fee for custom CSS features, and I’m not doing that anymore. So don’t judge the layout of the site, just appreciate and absorb the actual content.

The Miami Heat are the NBA’s nWo

September 7, 2010

About two months or so ago, this amazing video montage of LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade hit the net. The video portrays Miami’s trio as the nWo (New World Order). The nWo was one of, if not, the biggest and most important gimmick in the history of professional wrestling. It changed the world of wrestling for years, and it also meant that long-time good guy, Hulk Hogan, became the villain — it shocked the wrestling world.

Obviously on that mid-July night on ESPN, James’ announcement to join Bosh and Wade and “take his talents to South Beach,” did as well.

The video was put together really well and captures that nostalgic late 90’s big-time wrestling feel, but I do want to at least bring up the point that this blog was the first referencing the nWo gimmick with LeBron James. Regardless of who gets credit, the video is awesome. If you aren’t familiar with an nWo vignette, then check the original.

Luckily, the first exhibition game is less than a month away, only about three more weeks of complete boredom. Thankfully we at least have some World Basketball Championship action to watch in the meantime.

16 years later, ‘B-Ball’s Best Kept Secret’ has remained a secret

September 6, 2010

Back when I was in seventh grade, a kid in one of my classes told me of an album called B-Ball’s Best Kept Secret. Obviously, the best kept secret in the NBA is players’ ability to rap, considering we haven’t seen many that can actually do it, or at least do it well. When he told me of this CD, he knew that he was going to get eight bucks out of me, and that he did. I bought it off of him the next day when he brought it into school.

Since that moment in 1995, the album has been a part of my life. The songs have been a part of my iPod, but unfortunately most of my friends and most people in the world don’t know that this gem exists.

The album contains 16 tracks, 11 of which have NBA players rapping. This 1994 disc has songs by former NBAers like Dana Barros, Cedric Ceballos and even the late Malik Sealy, along with a cast of others. Even the league’s current old men, Jason Kidd and Shaquille O’Neal drop some rhymes. It’s only fitting that Shaq has a joint on this, he’s the best NBA rapper ever.

The most notable tracks on the album are Chris Mills’ “Sumptin to Groove To,” Brian Shaw’s “Anything Can Happen” and Ceballos’ “Flow On.” If I was going to tell you to avoid a track, it’d be JR Rider’s “Funk in the Trunk.” All in all, it’s not that bad of an album and more importantly if you’re a hoops fan, it’s a must listen. The songs have that mid-90’s hip-hop feel to them and most of these songs are better than the crap they play on the radio today.

Want the tracklisting along with YouTube links to each song? Check the jump.

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Shaq, Justin Bieber have a dance-off

September 3, 2010

Shaquille O’Neal loves to dance. He’s probably one of the best dancing big men of all-time, easily the best in NBA history. As far as people who are rather larger, I can honestly say Squeegee Lo is the only one who can top Shaq, and he’s not nearly as tall.

Most recently, O’Neal has developed a surprising close relationship with teen pop-star Justin Bieber. The two most recently linked up to have a dance-off on O’Neal’s ABC show Shaq Vs.

I didn’t know Bieber was that good of a dancer to be honest, but I guess it’s expected — it’s his job. That said, I have to give the prize to The Big Shamrock, Shaq’s finishing move did Bieber in.

Can’t get enough of Shaq and Bieber? Here’s footage of O’Neal joining Bieber on stage at his concert in Orlando and handling Ludacris’ verse to “Baby.”

A hilarious review of Barkley’s 1995 “Shut Up and Jam 2″ video game

August 31, 2010

Back in the early 90’s there were so many basketball video games to choose from: Double Dribble (click this link to play one of the sequels), Hoops, NBA Jam and plenty others, including the EA Sports assortment which turned into the NBA Live series. Now things seem limited — thankfully NBA Jam returns Oct. 5.

There was also a ridiculous game by the name of Barkley: Shut Up and Jam! The game was released on Super NES, Sega Genesis and even…wait for it…the Atari Jaguar. I remember the first time I played the game, it had a bunch of ridiculous characters and of course, Sir Charles Barkley himself. Yes, I chose to play as Barkley and within moments of playing the game I heard his voice say, “Go get the damn ball!”

I was shocked. One reason being, the video game was talking to me — almost non-existent back then. Another being, the game just swore at me. That was a big deal back in 1994.

The game was absurd and not that great, especially if you consider the fact that NBA Jam existed. Through some YouTubing, I found this excellent, outrageous, but actually pretty damn funny review of the game’s 1995 sequel — Shut Up and Jam 2. It starts out with a blank image for a minute and the reviewer coughing, but trust me, it gets better and he covers the game in all it’s glory.

Thankfully when I bought NBA Jam on Super NES, I got it the first day it came out, which meant that Barkley was in my game. He was taken out of later copies because of his exclusivity rights for Shut Up and Jam and it’s sequel.

WARNING: The review contains rated “R” language

Patrick Ewing and Webster were tight

August 27, 2010

Patrick Ewing is to knee pads, what former child actor Emmanuel Lewis is to cuteness.

Notice I say is, because even though you may think it sounds creepy, Lewis still looks like a cute kid at 39 years old.

Lewis played Webster on one of the greatest shows of the 80’s, Websterat the time of this picture, and I’m totally guessing, I wouldn’t be surprised if Lewis was about 13 years old.

Ewing played center on the second greatest team of 1994, the New York Knicks — this was before the knee pads thing though.

Props, The Hightop Fadeaway

Video Heaven: Rodman interviews and The Admiral crashes

August 27, 2010

I’m making this post about me. Why? Because two of my favorite players ever are in this clip, and I was not expecting this when I began to watch it.

Two weeks back Dennis Rodman was interviewed at the Hall of Fame Ceremony by CBS 3 in Springfield. I will watch anything with Rodman, he’s an icon and the greatest defender of all-time. Rodman is always entertaining, and most importantly, the guy was a great teammate. This year Rodman showed up to support his former teammate Scottie Pippen and last year he came through for both Michael Jordan and David Robinson.

This interview went from great to legendary when Robinson crashes and the two begin to reminisce on their relationship and time together in San Antonio. I honestly almost began to breathe heavy, that’s how excited I was. My two favorite players ever (along with Ben Wallace) in one interview, unexpectedly.

Seriously, the only way this interview could be better is if Wallace, Bill Cosby, Will Smith, Hulk Hogan and Kanye West showed up — seriously.


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