Aussie travellers willing to ditch their Christmas plans can score cheap flights to Europe this year.

One-way flights departing from Sydney to London on Christmas day start at $1049 with Beijing Capital Airlines or $1152 with Cathay Pacific. 

The prices are surprisingly low considering the departure date is less than four weeks away. 

Skyscanner's 'Explore Everywhere' search function can help find the cheapest flights, and Google Flights Explore is another handy tool that provides you with options filtered by region, continent, or price.

How to use Skyscanner and Google Flights Explore 


  • Go to the Skyscanner website
  • Input your 'From' destination with your city and airport
  • Input a potential travel date and click 'Everywhere' for destination
  • Explore various popular destinations with flight, hotel, and car hire options
  • You can also adjust your results based on your spending budget and ideal destination

Google Flights Explore: 

  • Go to the Google Flights Explore website
  • Input your departure airport and travel date, but leave the destination blank
  • You can also click on 'Flexible dates' to view the best possible prices  
  • Click on the 'Search' button
  • The first flights that come up with be close and cheap options
  • Toggle on 'Update search as map moves' button to view more flight options as you explore the map
  • You can also specifically write 'Europe' or 'Africa' in the 'To' section to only show flights to that region 

Skyscanner's travel expert, Jarrod Kris, told FEMAIL: 'If you don’t have plans for the big day, Christmas can be a great time to travel if your budget is tight. 

'While the holidays will always be a busy time, there are a few cost-saving secrets if you do your research and know where to look.'

Mr Kris suggested flying with the 'red-eye' - flights that are super early or late. 

'The red-eye flights tend to be cheaper due to the lack of demand. This means a drop in prices for the traveller, so always be open to getting up early for your holidays and enjoy the bonus of getting to your destination in the morning to make the most of your day!' he continued. 

Another cost-saving hack is looking at neighbouring airports if possible. 

'If flights to your chosen destination are expensive, neighbouring cities might offer more affordable airfares that are much more budget friendly, so you can choose to do that, then do a drive-in for a different experience,' Mr Kris said. 

When using Skyscanner or Google Flights, many often choose their destination and season - usually within fixed windows - before even scouting out prices and holiday packages which could save them tons of money.

All great bargain hunters understand that being flexible is key when it comes to finding cheap travel destinations.

Having an open mind can also unearth various locations that has escaped your radar. 

For international flights, it's recommended to book at least six months in advance to secure the best deal. 

How to score cheaper flights:

Be flexible when it comes to travel dates

Make a stopover

Have an open mind about your itinerary

Travel at inconvenient hours

Fly out at the end of the week

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Source: Escape

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