ClassDojo Reveals App to Help Parents Award Good Behavior

ClassDojo has become a well-known platform in the education system in the U.S. The education technology startup has been around for several years but has yet to reveal their monetization strategy until the end of 2018. The company revealed they mentioned the long-term plan to investors when they began, ensuring their trust and patience. The company raised $31.1 million in investments which have allowed them to become one of the most widely used technology platforms in public school systems. The education startup was recently featured on the EdSurge website in an article titled “ClassDojo Goes ‘Beyond School’ to Launch First Monetization Feature for Parents.” The article was written by Tony Wan in November 2018 to discuss the plans for the company.

The monetization plan has finally been revealed in the form of a monthly app subscription for parents. Though they never intended to charge schools or teachers for the use of their platform, ClassDojo intends to make their revenue from parents looking to maintain communication with the teachers while also encouraging their children to have greater self-awareness.

The platform was created by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don to help teachers maintain control over the behavior of their students in the classroom. With a points award system, they can reward good behavior while taking away points for poor behavior. Parents will now be able to do the same in their home. ClassDojo hopes this will help parents transform the behavior of their children from disruptive to taking personal responsibility for their actions. The point system will depend on the criteria the parents set for their children. However, these actionable learning moments will be supported with videos on mindfulness and meditation to help children manage their thoughts. The videos will come with prompts to help children reflect on their lives while also prompting them to have deeper discussions with their families. The app will also allow the children to express their identity through the creation of their avatar. Parents will be able to award their children on specific skills like kindness, perseverance, weekly chores, getting ready for bed, reading, and getting ready for school.