Betsy Devos Takes on Washington D.C.

Betsy DeVos is one of the most high-profile members of President Trump’s already high-profile cabinet. Hailing from Holland, Mi, Betsy DeVos was brought into the political machine of the GOP after spending the better part of the past three decades donating to and supporting the Michigan Republican Party. Betsy DeVos and Dick DeVos have been power players in Michigan’s politics for years and that has helped to prepare Betsy DeVos for the big leagues. Betsy DeVos is making her way to the Department of Education with big ideas and something to prove.


Coming into Washington D.C. with little in the way of political work on her resume, Betsy DeVos was expected to be a complete pushover from the word ‘go’. While ostensibly backed by the GOP and supported by President Trump, Betsy DeVos’ newness to politics was going to serve to make her vulnerable to political machinations on both sides of the aisle. With that being said, DeVos has been anything but vulnerable.


After being confirmed by the Senate, Betsy DeVos was quick to establish herself in her position as she called on prominent leaders of the major teacher’s unions in the country. While many prominent union leaders refused to sit down with DeVos, other leaders chose to come to the table. Among the union leaders who attended a meeting with Betsy DeVos was Randi Weingarten, President and vocal leader of the American Federation of Teachers. While Weingarten is likely a Democrat and definitely progressive, she was willing to hear out Betsy DeVos. Weingarten would end up leaving the meeting feeling stunned. DeVos was razor-sharp, confident, and informed of her position. Weingarten would conclude that DeVos would be ‘dangerous’ to members of the opposition party.


What makes Betsy DeVos particularly dangerous is that she has been working her whole life toward ushering in real change in the realm of education. For over three decades, Betsy DeVos has been single-minded in her pursuit of school choice. DeVos believes that the federal government should be steering tax dollars toward the support of privately funded institutions. DeVos’ belief is that privately funded schools are just as valid as public schools. After all, students are unique and some learn more effectively from different types of environments.


Betsy DeVos is rapidly gaining the confidence of major members of her political party. She has also won respect from the opposition party. Who knows how successful Betsy DeVos can be?


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