Learning about our natural surroundings is great. But, at some point, you have to leave the "classroom" (read: the internet) and enter the real world to truly appreciate the wonders of the world. And there's no better moment for this than during an exciting vacation.

If you don't feel like lounging by the pool all day, you can take advantage of educational and fun activities. At these stunning hotels, you'll get to enjoy immersive experiences that will leave you feeling like you're one with nature.

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Take a Zero-Waste Cooking Class at Le Barthélemy

Location: St. Barthélemy

Taking a cooking class while on vacation is a fun way to learn a skill you'll always have with you. Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa takes this experience a step further with a zero-waste class led by head Chef Vincent Gomis. 

The class starts with a visit to Ti Marché, where you'll pick fresh West Indies produce. Then, you'll head to the kitchen of the hotel's prestigious restaurant, Amis St. Barth, as you follow a delicious recipe while learning how to use every bit of food possible. In the end, you'll get to enjoy the fruits of your labor while taking in views of the sunset.

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Restore Corals at Jade Mountain Resort

Location: Soufriere, Saint Lucia

If you have a diving certificate, we don't need to tell you about the wonders of coral reefs. These wonderful ecosystems provide food and living space for countless organisms, making our oceans cleaner and more beautiful. 

But rather than living your love from afar like a shy teenager, you can get to work by planting new reefs. At the iconic Jade Mountain Resort — known for its three-walled rooms that provide unmatched views of the Piton Mountains — certified divers can work alongside marine biologists to bring Caribbean reefs back to health. Without a doubt, this will be the best diving trip of your life!

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Contribute to Science While Snorkeling at Coco Collection

Location: Maldives

But if you don't have a diving certificate, don't worry! There are still plenty of ways to give back to the ocean. Most guests of Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu Resort in the Maldives do at least one snorkeling excursion. If you want, you can use your time in the water to identify fish and other species. 

You'll be exploring the abundant Baa Atoll while helping researchers to track the health of the environment with citizen science. It's a win-win that mostly requires you to have a lot of fun. The experience is also offered at the brand's sister property, Coco Bodu Hithi.

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Harvest Your Dinner at Rancho Pescadero

Location: Todos Santos, Mexico

You've already heard of cooking classes, but why not go directly to the source and harvest your own ingredients? Rancho Pescadero in Baja California encourages guests to join Chef Sandro Falbo on a walk across nine gardens to forage for fruits and vegetables. And to then make a salad with the treasures collected in wicker baskets. Make sure to get more than one type of tomato, as the property grows 25 kinds! 

Don't be shocked if you see Chef Falbo walking around the garden barefoot — and don't hesitate to join him. The hotel says it offers barefoot luxury, and it means it.

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