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16 Thanksgiving Destinations to Satisfy Your Wanderlust This Fall

Because sometimes the holidays are even more enjoyable in a new destination. Here, our favorite spots in the U.S. to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Singapore Airlines Adds Services To East Asia As Border Policies Relax

SIA hopes to have a busy winter season with demand picking up.

10 Tips For Finding Cheap Flight Tickets For Your Honeymoon

Honeymoon travel can be expensive - but it doesn't have to be. These tips to find cheap flight tickets for your honeymoon will help you save big!

The best of Bradford travel

Bradford is a city in McKean County, Pennsylvania, United States, close to the border with New York State and approximately 78 miles (126 km) south of Buffalo, New York. Bradford is the principal city in the Bradford, PA Micropolitan Statistical Area. The population was 8,770 at the 2010 United States Census. Click here to explore more on Microsoft...

Izmir: Turkey's historic capital of cool is back on the rise

The Mediterranean port of Izmir was once Turkey's most cosmopolitan destination. While it lost its crown in the 1920s, it's still full of historical charm and its fortunes are rising once again.

Incredible Grand Canyon Glamping Destinations to Visit in 2022

Planning your next vacation to the amazing, iconic, stupendous Grand Canyon? Carved out by the Colorado River over the course of millions of years, the …

Leaving For Maui? Make Sure This Isn’t In Your Suitcase

Learn more about how to help protect the coral reef system and how to avoid costly fines on your next trip to Hawaii.

Christopher Schwarzenegger's incredible slimdown continues, plus see more celebs' before-and-after weight loss photos

See how stars looked before and after they lost serious amounts of weight.

Spoiler Alert: The Real Housewives Are No Longer the OC's Buzziest Cultural Export

Blue chip art comes to the ritzy Southern California enclave.

These houses are all hiding an incredible feature. What is it?

The latest must-have home accessory, secret tunnels adds an air of intrigue. Whether for security, practicality, entertainment or sheer whimsy, these clandestine corridors will have you feeling like James Bond

The Pacific Is Destined to Vanish as Earth's Continents Meld Into a New Supercontinent

The Pacific Ocean's days are numbered, according to a new supercomputer simulation of Earth's ever-drifting tectonic plates. The good news? Our planet's oldest ocean still has another 300 million years to go. If the Pacific gets lucky, it might even celebrate its billionth birthday before finally trickling out of existence. But researchers at Curtin University in Australia think the ocean is likely to be swallowed up before that. In its final...

Ready to get away to Magor?

Magor (English: /ˈmeɪɡər/; Welsh: Magwyr) is a large village in Monmouthshire, south east Wales, about 9 miles (14 km) west of Chepstow and about 9 miles (14 km) east of Newport. It lies on the Caldicot Levels beside the Severn Estuary, and is in the community of Magor with Undy. Magor lies close to the M4 motorway. Click here to explore more on Mi...

What It Was Really Like To Eat At The First In-N-Out Burger

What was In-N-Out like decades ago? Let's take a trip back in time to the 1940s and see what it would have been like to dine at the very first In-N-Out Burger.

Add These 50 Underrated U.S. Cities to Your Must-Visit List

Wait until you see North Dakota's pick!

This is the Oldest Town in Every State

Head to these spots for a fun and historical experience.

5 Little-Known, Rarely Used Perks of Cash Back Credit Cards

Don't miss out on these five cash back credit card benefits.

Plan your dream trip to Lienz

Lienz (German: [ˈliːɛnt͡s] ; Southern Bavarian: Lianz) is a medieval town in the Austrian state of Tyrol. It is the administrative centre of the Lienz district, which covers all of East Tyrol. The municipality also includes the cadastral subdivision of Patriasdorf. Click here to explore more on Microsoft Travel.

Dreaming of a Sulphur Springs vacation?

Sulphur Springs is a city in, and the county seat of, Hopkins County, Texas, United States. As of the 2010 census, its population was 15,449. Sulphur Springs is located along the western edge of Northeast Texas. Click here to explore more on Microsoft Travel.

Etihad Cancels Australia-Europe Tickets Mistakenly Sold For $200

A computer glitch gave customers a mirage that they could get an Etihad return flight from Australia to Europe for around $200.

10 Things Anaheim Is Known For Besides Disneyland

Anaheim is best known for Disneyland, but there is more to this city than it's world-famous theme park.

Relax & recharge in Pontorson

Pontorson ([pɔ̃tɔʁsɔ̃]) is a commune in the Manche department in north-western France. On 1 January 2016, the former communes of Macey and Vessey were merged into Pontorson. Click here to explore more on Microsoft Travel.

6 Northeast Cities With Cheap Home Insurance

Enjoy varied weather conditions and a well-insured home.

Dad's Video Diary of Taking a 'Royal Caribbean' Cruise With His Baby Has People Obsessed

Everyone is so envious of the life this baby is living.

Ultimate Bristol travel guide

Bristol is a town in the historic county seat of Bristol County, Rhode Island, United States. The population was 22,954 at the 2010 census. Bristol is a deepwater seaport named after Bristol, England. Click here to explore more on Microsoft Travel.

7 Best Places To Find an Apartment Online

Looking for an apartment? These rental sites offer distinct features and search tools to help prospective renters locate the perfect place to live

Half-term holidays: Where to go for some (last-minute) sun in October, from Crete to Naples

Half-term holidays: Where to go for some (last-minute) sun in October, from Crete to Naples - Can the same break keep both parents and children happy? Juliana Piskorz has the chicest spots with water parks aplenty

Hair loss is another symptom of long COVID. Here’s what experts say.

About 20% of people who were hospitalized with COVID-19 have experienced hair loss.

California’s 20 Best Fall Hikes, Nominated by Outdoor Experts and Locals

Our autumn leaves in California might not get quite as brilliant orange, red and yellow as elsewhere in the country, but the cooler air, perfect sunlight and superior trails make up for the foliage. What better time of the year to get outside? For a list of the state’s best fall hikes, we reached out […] The post California’s 20 Best Fall Hikes, Nominated by Outdoor Experts and Locals appeared first on InsideHook.

What Is The Purpose of a Budget?

Most people think that budgeting is just tracking your income and expenses. They can also get you out of debt, keep you living within your means, help you generate wealth, and more. Check out the many purposes budgets serve and why they're so important to your financial future.

Missing people who were found alive

When someone goes missing, it's devastating for their loved ones, and the police are under immense pressure to find them within a short period of time. If it goes on for too long, the chances of that person turning up alive, or at all, drop considerably. The statistics are not encouraging and many families wait months or even years without any closure or comfort. However, every now and again, there's an extraordinary case where a missing person turns up alive and well as much as 20 years after they disappeared. Click through this gallery to read up on some of the craziest missing person stories that had a happy(ish) ending.

Video Tour of 'Singapore Airlines' A380 Suites' Has Our Jaws on the Floor

It's even nicer than Air Force One.

Discover Cyprus, one of the oldest civilizations in the Mediterranean

Anchored in the Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus lures tourists with its crystal-clear waters, pristine beaches, and a fascinating history that dates back to antiquity. From ancient Greek and Roman ruins to Crusader castles and medieval monasteries, Cyprus dazzles with its cultural and historic visitor attractions. And much more! This is an ideal destination for nature lovers and outdoor adventure enthusiasts, too. Browse the gallery for ideas of where to go and what to do.

Clyde's Restaurant Waynesville, NC

According to the menu located in the restaurant, this is “where the home folks eat. These are the places we love going to. Clyde’s Restaurant looked like an awesome place to try out and they made us feel like home folks too. Clyde’s Restaurant is located in the downtown portion of Waynesville, NC right across the […]

Here's How Far $100 Will Get You In The Bahamas

Travelers might be surprised at just how much - or how little - $100 USD can get them during their vacation in the Bahamas.

Would you take a cruise without such COVID-19 testing, vaccination and masks? MarketWatch asked health experts to weigh in.

Norwegian drops requirements for COVID-19 testing, vaccination and mandatory masking.

Lake Michigan Is The Most Dangerous Lake In The Country, And Here's Why

With plenty of statistics to back it up, Lake Michigan is undoubtedly the most dangerous in the country... and this is why.

Airbnb hosts are getting fed up with bad guests, red tape and corporate competitors

While Airbnb guest resentment has bubbled up on social media this year, another group is equally or more frustrated: the hosts themselves.

Where to go & what to do in Blacksburg

Blacksburg is a small town in Cherokee County, South Carolina, United States. The population was 1,848 at the 2010 census. The communities of Cherokee Falls, Kings Creek, Cashion Crossroads, Buffalo, and Mount Paran are located near the town. Click here to explore more on Microsoft Travel.

German tourist killed by gunmen near South African game park

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — South African police have launched a manhunt after a German tourist was shot and killed by gunmen near Kruger National Park in Mpumalanga province. The attack on Monday was by gunmen who sped away without taking any belongings from the tourist or three other travelers who were with him. The driver of the vehicle carrying the tourists was shot after he locked the vehicle's doors when the gunmen demanded he open them, according...

Bizarre stories from inside North Korea

Even if you don't know much about North Korea, you know it's it one very different place. The country is infamous for nuclear threats, political tension, and its strict dictatorship under Kim Jong-un. Few have managed to escape or enter the North Korean bubble, but those who did it have some very strange stories to tell. Click through the gallery to find out what really goes on in the "Hermit Kingdom."

Most beautiful Taco Bells in America: Seaside California location adds glamour to fast food

Taco Bell has added glamour to its fast-food brand known for dishing out cheap chalupas and boxes of burritos. Its effort includes a list of the world's 12 most beautiful Taco Bells.

Ready, Set, Vacay: What To Expect Of Club Med Punta Cana

Club Med was one of the first hotel chains to arrive in Punta Cana in the 1970s, and it's still attracting thousands of tourists every year.

FluxJet: the ultra-high-speed Canadian passenger train that's faster than a plane

Top 20 Ski Resorts in North America: Readers’ Choice Awards 2022

The best ski resorts in the US and Canada.

Naked Parties and Public Sex: I Went on a Cruise With 300 Swingers

I went on a swinger cruise...and I think Ill do it again.

US to require more rest between shifts for flight attendants

Airlines will be required to give flight attendants at least 10 hours off duty between shifts, one more hour than currently, under a rule announced Tuesday by the Federal Aviation Administration. Acting FAA Administrator Billy Nolen said that the extra hour of rest would contribute to safety. Congress directed the FAA in 2018 to increase the rest requirement for flight attendants and eliminate a provision that let crews work with less rest under...

65 Charming American Towns You Haven't Heard of But Should Visit ASAP

Hit the roads less traveled.

Alice, the World’s First All-Electric Passenger Jet, Just Aced Her Maiden Flight

A new battery-powered commercial aircraft can carry nine passengers up to 250 miles.Eviation is selling quieter battery-powered flight as something that can help communities.Flight length is highly contextual, and electric planes are uniquely suited for short jumps. Startup Eviation flew its medium-range electric airplane, Alice, for the first time...

The Tiniest Town in Every State

Move your family to one of these teeny towns and you just might double its population!

Wedding Guest Turns Up to Airbnb Only To Find Empty 'Shell' of a Building

The property was completely vacant with the exception of some building materials.