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US Coronavirus: Vaccines won't rid us of Covid-19, expert says

Coronavirus vaccines will provide some light at the end of the tunnel, but they alone won't mean an end to Covid-19, one leading health official said Friday.

The hottest holiday gifts from Amazon

We pored through Amazon's bestseller and most-wished-for lists to find the perfect gift for just about anyone in your life, and they can be bought without leaving the house.

The most magical streets in the world

These postcard-pretty streets are home to unique architectural features and historic sites. People usually flock to the most beautiful streets in the world for their unique character, history, and atmosphere. Let's take a virtual stroll down some of the most magical streets in the world.

The only way you're going to survive this awful, terrible winter is reading a gigantic epic science fiction or fantasy series

Living through this winter is going to be hard. You'll be much happier if you start reading a gigantic fantasy or science fiction series.

At Points of View, Condé Nast Traveler’s Annual Travel Summit, the Only Direction Is Forward

Looking back on an unprecedented moment for the travel industry, and the world—and preparing for what’s ahead.

Canada's most beautiful villages and small towns

From dinky coastal villages featuring charming lighthouses to historic towns tucked into the mountains, Canada's provinces and territories offer some delightful communities that welcome visitors with open arms. We've selected the top spots worth a detour when it's time to travel again.

The Best Gifts to Give Your Brother

These ideas will solidify your status as the best gift-giver in the family.

10 cookie recipes from Disney parks around the world

Make National Cookie Day magical with these recipes straight from Disney.

How I Travel: Author Ijeoma Oluo Loves a Scandinavian Breakfast Spread

We peek into the airport routines and bizarre quirks of the world's most well-traveled people.

See 35 places where the rich & famous go on vacation

New coronavirus restrictions: Here's what your state is doing to combat rising cases and deaths

As COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths continue to rise, states are halting reopening plans or imposing new coronavirus-related restrictions.

Hotel hosted 150-person wedding in violation of state COVID-19 rules, officials say

A suburban Chicago hotel could face charges after hosting a wedding that violated state COVID-19 restrictions, health officials said.

Virtual Santa and more: What will Christmas 2020 look like?

Christmas is NOT cancelled. But, like everything else this year, it's different.

The most beautiful college campus in every state

The United States boasts some truly stunning college campuses. These 50 beautiful universities earn top marks for architecture, green space, the surrounding landscape, or all three.

Texas Teacher Battling COVID Bashes Austin Mayor for Hypocritical Mexican Beach Resort Vacation

Miranda Erlanson, a 27-year-old teacher with Austin's Independent School District, said she was disappointed in Mayor Steve Adler's leadership following his vacation, reported KVUE.

How holiday travel will be different in 2020

This Insulated Mug Keeps My Coffee Warm for Hours — and It Was One of Oprah’s Favorite Things in 2020

It's available on Amazon now.

Gifts for 13-Year-Old Boys They'll Actually Use and Love

Gadgets, books, and everything in between.

13 prominent Democrats stand accused of hypocrisy for ignoring COVID-19 restrictions they're urging their constituents to obey

Mayors, governors, and members of Congress alike have come under scrutiny for traveling, attending packed indoor gatherings, and not wearing masks.

CDC urges 'universal mask use' indoors for the first time in U.S.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended universal mask use for Americans for all activities outside of an individual's home amid an increase in hospitalizations

Because my parents came here legally, DACA doesn't protect me. That's not fair.

The programs protecting immigrants brought here as children require a breach of immigration law. If you've always been legal, you don't qualify for help.

The Ban on Emotional Support Animals on Planes Affects Those With Legitimate Mental Disabilities

"Emotional support animals (ESAs) are no longer covered by the Air Carrier Access Act," I heard on the local news playing in the background.

Top Travel Offers for December 2020

Travelers can close out the year with some special savings and perks.

California COVID-19 crackdown: Shelter-in-place orders, quarantines and more

California is dealing with a major resurgence of coronavirus cases that is overwhelming its emergency rooms. California Governor Gavin Newsom has now issued the authorization for local governments to issue stay-at-home orders that match the strictest shutdowns back in March. Some counties have gone so far as to require quarantines for anyone coming from more …

31 Secret Santa Gifts You'll Actually Want to Keep

Secret Santa gifts are tricky territory to navigate, but that's why we're here to help.

The Best Cold-Weather Activities in 10 Iconic Summer Towns

Best Travel Gifts On Amazon

Even though travel remains on hold for the moment, now is the time to outfit your jet-setting friends and family for their next big, and much anticipated adventure. Check out these top-rated Amazon travel products for some great gift inspiration.

Why Williamsburg at Christmas is So Magical, Especially Now

2,500 wreaths, y’all.

Where to Explore Charleston’s Fascinating History

Even on a short weekend getaway, you can’t escape the complex stories that define this Southern city.

Beautiful pictures of America's last unspoiled places

The USA's remotest nooks and farthest flung crannies, from sprawling national parks to tiny islands home only to wild creatures, are beautiful. Explore them through these stunning photos for some virtual peace and quiet.

California’s New Lockdown: What Travelers Need to Know

The state's new stay-home order is the most severe since the spring.

State-by-state breakdown of coronavirus travel restrictions

U.S. states and territories are making new rules for travelers. Find which ones across the United States have implemented travel restrictions to curb the spread of COVID-19.

An iconic restaurant beloved by Anthony Bourdain and destroyed by the Beirut blast has reopened after it was saved by donors including Russell Crowe

Charbel Bassil, the host of Le Chef, thanked the Oscar-winning actor for his $5,000 donation in a video posted Wednesday.

How to Safely Staycation, According to the Professionals

The team from the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn gave us best practices for some much-needed fun away from home

Designers Share Their Favorite Holiday Decorating Traditions by Region

America Is Having A Third Coronavirus Wave. Some Countries Are Having Their First.

The world is losing the battle against the coronavirus. As of last week,COVID-19 caseloads were rising in 115 countries and falling in just 83. Of thecountries with rising caseloads, 26 saw new cases double over the previousweek.But the structure of the pandemic shows striking local differences. While theUnited States is experiencing its third wave of the virus, some countries arejust now having their first. Falling temperatures in the Northern...

27 Photos That’ll Make Winter Your Favorite Season

Pack your bags for these winter wonderlands.

ABC News Live Update: United Airlines prepping to move COVID-19 vaccine

Plus, the CDC estimates 329,000 Americans could be dead by the day after Christmas, and extreme wildfire dangers are forcing thousands to evacuate in California.

United banned a Hawaii couple from flying after police said they tested positive for COVID-19 and then boarded a 6-hour flight

The police in Hawaii arrested the couple on charges of reckless endangerment, which carries a punishment of up to a year in jail and a $2,000 fine.

10 Things Travelers Need to Know About Flying Right Now

Flying has changed in the time of COVID-19.

Bats, museums, and viruses collide in this scientific love story

Born on separate continents, Liliana M. Dávalos and Angelique Corthals overcame cultural and social barriers to join forces. Now, their work may influence future treatments for coronaviruses.

Hotel in Ireland creates socially-distant drive-thru Christmas experience for guests

The Amber Springs Hotel in Gorey, Ireland made a drive-thru Christmas experience, complete with lights, a Christmas village and Santa with his elves.

State Department Ends 'Cultural Exchange' Programs With China After Enacting Visa Restrictions

"The United States welcomes the reciprocal and fair exchange of cultural programs with PRC officials and the Chinese people, but one-way programs such as these are not mutually beneficial," Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement on Friday.

Another Idyllic Italian Town Is Selling €1 Homes

This Italian town wants to help you find the perfect €1 home.

Hayabusa2 mission will land the first subsurface asteroid samples on Earth

Japan's Hayabusa2 mission, the first to collect samples from beneath the surface of an asteroid, is scheduled to land back on Earth early Sunday morning in Australia. The mission collected samples from the near-Earth asteroid Ryugu in 2019.

Fly Delta One Suites to Asia next summer with wide-open award space

Delta One suites is one of the best — if not the best — international business class product offered by a U.S. airline. It’s a fully enclosed suite that’s complete with a sliding door, lie-flat seat and huge entertainment screen. Plus, you can expect excellent onboard service and good food, so you’ll arrive refreshed on your …

35 Helpful Gifts for Hikers, According to Seasoned Trekkers

From trekking poles to hydration packs.

California to impose regional stay-at-home orders amid virus surge

"We are pulling that emergency brake," California's governor said Thursday.

Women From Travel Ban Countries More Likely To Give Birth Prematurely: Study

Women in the U.S. who are from countries listed on President Donald Trump’s Muslim travel ban are nearly 7% more likely to deliver babies prematurely than non-Hispanic white women born in the U.S., according to a new study. The study, published in the journal Social Science and Medicine last week, analyzed over 18 million preterm birth rates from 2009 to 2018. Researchers found that women from countries impacted by the first iteration of the...

Marco Pierre White recalls the sheer joy of Christmases past

Marco Pierre White who lives in Wiltshire, was the first chef in Britain to win three Michelin stars. The chef reflects on past Christmases growing up in the 1960s and shares his top cooking tips.