Larkin and Lacey Show Attention to Human Rights

There are not many people who are working as hard as Larkin and Lacey to fight for human rights. These men have remained so dedicated and have done everything that they can to show people what they are able to do to make their own lives better and that is a huge part of the business.

The men know what they want to be able to do and they try their best to be able to show people what they can get out of different situations. This is something that Larkin and Lacey have remained dedicated to and something that they are aware of in the different industries that they work with.

For Larkin and Lacey to try these things, they had to make sure that they knew a lot about what is going on in the world around them.

Even since Larkin and Lacey started the Frontera Fund, they have found that they can do different things to help themselves out of the issues that they are dealing with. For the men to run the Frontera Fund, they have to be sure that they know a lot about the industry and about what human rights are given to people automatically for the things that they are trying to do.

They also have to be sure that people are trying their best so that they can experience more out of the situations that they are a part of and the problems that people are dealing with when they want to experience more out of the industry that they are in.

Ever since Larkin and Lacey first started working with those who needed human rights, they have been doing what they can to help those people out. They want to ensure that they are doing the right things so that they can help other people and so that they can make things better for others.

There have been many chances where they have been able to show others what they are missing out on and what they can do to make their lives better and all of this is what has given Larkin and Lacey the chance to expand their reach in other areas.

They do what they can to provide positive experiences for all of the people who are working toward a better life and for all of the people who try their best to get the positive experiences that come from their own lives.

Out of everything that Larkin and Lacey have done, they know that they have to try and fight the power that comes with Trump. They are now realizing how detrimental he can be and the issues that are going to come from him being the president so they want to be able to fight it.

They also want to show other people that they can have a good life even if they are trying to battle Trump and the issues that come along with Trump being in charge of the entire United States and the minorities that come with it.

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The Kino Border Initiative

The Kino Border Initiative was started in 2009 to work in the area of immigration on the border of Mexico and the United States in Arizona State.

The initiative brings together six charity organizations from both countries in the effort to ensure safe passage and humane treatment for immigrants seeking to move in either direction of the border; the initiative is active in the regions of Nogales, Arizona, Sonora and Nogales Arizona. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The six charitable organizations are drawn from both the United States and Mexico, making the Kino Border Initiative a multinational effort. Organizations that are actively involved in the initiative include the Jesuit Refugee Service, the Mexican Province of the Society of Jesus, the Archdiocese of Hermosillo and the Diocese of Tucson to mention but a few.

The initiative was founded with the aim of making possible the idea of a just, humane and tolerable migration between the USA and Mexico. It hopes to promote border and immigration policies which treat with utmost respect the concept of human dignity and a universal bi-national spirit between Mexico and the US.

Some of the ways through which this can be attained and which the Kino Border Initiative pursues passionately include a social education program for communities on both sides of the border to encourage cooperation and a reduction of tensions.

Another measure that the initiative has taken is to ensure that the immigrants are given accompaniment across the border and provided with humanitarian assistance directly as it becomes necessary to them.

Finally, the Kino Border Initiative participates and works in close relation with several collaborative networks which have been engaged in research over the years and have been active in advocating for the creation of policies that create the right environment for immigrants. Through these efforts, the initiative hopes to make immigration more intolerable and enhance the creation of a more humane environment for immigrants at the border and beyond. Read more: Michael Larcey | Twitter and Michael Larcey | Facebook

Recently, the Kino Border Initiative gained funding from the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. This fund was established by two journalists, Michael and Jim Larkin, with the settlement money they received after they were unlawfully arrested by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

In the October 18th, 2007 incident, the two journalists were arrested from their homes in the wee hours of the night after they ran an expose which touched on the sheriff. The expose, which was run by their co-founded Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media, indicated that there had been grand jury proceedings which would have journalists present their notes on articles that might have covered the sheriff.

Further, they were to give identities of everyone who read the News Times online articles that touched on the sheriff, in blatant disregard of the First Amendment. The two journalists, therefore, sued the county and were granted a settlement of $3.75 million.

They have dedicated their proceeds from the settlement in helping groups such as the Kino Border Initiative which advocate for civil, human and migration rights.

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Fabletics Keeping it Real

Kate Hudson’s athletic line, Fabletics is a super success because of grit and inspiration. While the products are online in a data induced technique that starts with a quiz and ends with a subscription that offers a showroom of items picked based on the customer’s answers. The customer is able to choose any product, but the suggestions help get direct to what is best for the colors and activities they like. There are also retail stores where a customer can visit and see the products, then purchase them with their online account.


Reverse Showroom Technique


Using the reverse showroom technique, Fabletics is able to keep the data flowing for positive results. There is a virtual showroom, or customers and potential customers can purchase clothes in a retail store, which usually includes signing up for a monthly subscription service. This allows for the clients data to stay current and the inventory on and off line to stay current. New items are designed based on sales and the feedback of customers.


Hudson’s Passion


Kate Hudson will always be an actor first but remains dedicated and hands-on with Fabletics, which has proven successful. She attributes her success to something she believes in, wears and being passionate about offering her product to all women. She supports women in all sizes and keeps growing the product line to include everyone.


Kate Hudson and her partners design the activewear for every day life. She is dedicated to providing women with a comfortable and high-quality product to wear at any time. Not only does Fabletics offer items for workouts and yoga, but there are also comfortable items for casual dress wear. Kates company has grown at explosive rates and new products are quick to be introduced every few months.


Quiz Time


The Lifestyle quiz will help you find exactly what you are looking for in workout or casual wear. The introductory or first time purchase comes with a discount and usually consists of two or three pieces. This can be a shirt, sports bra and shorts. The quiz will even ask about what you want to show and what you want to hide physically, so you are able to cater to what makes you feel the most comfortable.

Pushing to the Top in Petroleum: Cotemar Industries

Deep in the heart of eastern Mexico in the state of Quintana Roo lies the city of Playa del Carmen, and it is here that the offshore rigging and petroleum company named Cotemar is headquartered.  The company began in 1979, and for 38 years they have been working their way to the top of the oil and gas world, both in Mexico and other locations across the

A great example of a specific technology move that exemplifies Cotemar’s efforts in these areas is their implementation of RFID tags to track offshore workers.  The company knew it could be more efficient and sensitive to its workers’ job satisfaction, so it looked in depth at worker safety, billing, and operational efficiency gains.  Along with efforts from American-based AeroScout, Cotemar decided to utilize wi-fi-based radio frequency identification technology.

Real-time Location System (RTLS) is another step in the right direction to keep up with and surpass industry leaders in the areas of tracking and managing assets and people.  This was used on four of Cotemar’s offshore housing vessels and made a huge difference, resulting in real-time visibility the company never had before.

I have witnessed this company being very interested in environmental sustainability and be at the forefront of that concern and movement, but I also have seen a concern in the area of employee sustainability and satisfaction.

Top management at Cotemar makes it a point to frequently interview and assess workers at all levels and in all positions, from out on the platforms on the rigs drilling for oil to in the offices taking care of H.R. duties or preparing meals in the dining halls.

Cotemar also has gotten involved with various charitable organizations and philanthropic efforts.  Within the last decade, they have started ties with major world hunger organizations, the Red Cross, and more than three charities for diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

Kudos to this oil company that has been able to maintain a nice relationship with its employees for almost four decades with its dedication and commitment to the oil and petroleum and gas industry.

Cotemar handles its workers’ food, transportation, and lodging needs.  Without a good employer/employee relationship, Cotemar would not be so successful, and they and their employees know that, so both want to walk positively into the future of the industry and their lives.

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A Guide To Your Legal Career, By Karl Heideck

A Guide To Your Legal Career, By Karl Heideck
A Guide To Your Legal Career, By Karl Heideck

Tips For Making The Most of Your Legal Career

Any time that you are looking to dive headfirst into the legal field, you need to make the most out of your career. There are a lot of ways to do this, but one of the best ways to start is with some words of advice from renowned lawyer Karl Heideck.

He is a professional who has studied law and who has operated in the city of Philadelphia for more than 10 years. Karl Heideck is a professional Who practices in the areas of risk compliance. He works for the law firm Hire Counsel.

Now that you understand his credentials, read on to see some words of advice that Karl Heideck has for young lawyers attempting to make a career out of it.

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#1: Make great friends in the field

You need to make sure that you do your best to make contacts with people from the time you set foot into your first law class. By doing this, you will have the opportunity to develop a list of contacts that will be helpful to you for many years. By touching base with organizations on campus, finding great mentors and hanging out with your classmates, you’re getting started on the right foot in terms of networking.

#2: Select the best specialty for you

Because the law field is so expansive, you need to make sure that you find the legal specialty that suits you the most. If you are passionate about family law, find out what you need to do to practice in this area. If you would rather handle real estate transactions, do your research to make this a reality as well. Regardless, you will be spending long work weeks dealing with these specialties, so find something that speaks to your interests.

#3: Pass the Bar

Finally, be sure that you do everything possible to handle your career by passing the state bar. Study for the exam with seriousness, because this is the last hurdle between being a student and being able to legally practice. Look up the bar exam requirements for where you live to make sure that you are in good hands.

Following these tips will help you get all you can out of your career.

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Dreams Come True With Brown Modelling Agency

The world is always looking for new bodies, faces and talents. In this generation, the fashion industry have become part of our daily life. We always see diverse but yet, beautiful models and trends in magazines, television, social media, celebrities and runaways. Those are who inspire us the public to wear a different style of clothes, makeup or hair every single day. However, who are the people who create and prepare the wonderful models that we see in the famous and celebrity world every single day? One of the most new but already successful, most popular and known agencies all over the United States and the world; The Brown Modelling Agency.

The Brown Agency, a modeling and commercial agency came to Austin, Texas in the Spring of 2010. The Brown Agency haves a very determinate purpose. To create and prepare a diverse model agency with standards and expectations no agency has ever created. Brown Modelling Agency is a full-service model and talent agency with the world famous Wilhelmina Models network. They represent models and actors in different areas such as, film, television, commercials, industrial videos, voice-over, print, catalogue, fashion, runway, conventions, trade shows, promotional and corporate events.

A unique agency which its models have been already seen by the world. Not only we will see adult’s models from the agency but, also children who in such a young age they are already making their dreams come true with big companies.

Since the opening of the agency, their models have been working and traveling for the biggest brands in the world such as Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, L’Oreal and thousands of very well-known companies all over the world. Not only that, the models have walked in runways for shows like Dallas Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, Austin Fashion Week as well as many other shows. By seeing the models, and their true work with this agency and others big companies, is truly amazing what an agency like this can do to different and diverse people. The Brown Agency is constantly looking for fresh faces and raw talents, if you are willing to let yourself free you can submit on their official page or go personal to their office in Austin. Both information on their official page


Doug Levitt Meets a Kind Neo-Nazi Ex-Convicts in a Greyhound Bus

Every so often, the traveling bugs come calling and you just want to hit the road. To a majority of us, traveling for a few days, a week is all we can take before heading back to the regular grind. A traveled person comes back home feeling refreshed and reinvigorated to take on the hassles and bustles of everyday living. But, that’s was not the case with Doug Levitt. Doug hopped on board a Greyhound bus and decided to spend the next decade exploring the mighty nation. He’s said to have traversed a record 120K miles on these buses.

Documented Travels

Doug documents all the unique experiences he encounters while on his adventures to share with his huge fan base. In a recent rendition, he narrates an ordeal which had him sitting next to a neo-Nazi follower. It didn’t take long before, Doug noticed the poorly-done ‘prison’ tattoos on the arms of his co-passenger. Mr. Levitt is a Jew was automatically nauseated and offended by the choice of tattoos the man had but he played it cool and struck a conversation with the lad. After all, there was no escaping the 20 hours of travel separating them with their destination. In a remarkably surprising turn of events, the ex-prisoner was as kind as to offer his fellow traveler, Doug a tuna sandwich to help fight back the hunger pangs on the way. What’s more, the neo-Nazi offered the Jewish man his seat so that Doug could rest his head and sleep a while. Doug Levitt on Twitter.

Poverty inside Rural America

In his conversations with the neo-Nazi, Levitt discerned that the guy was on his way home having served time in one of the correctional facilities around. The ex-convict helped the journalist and photographer, Doug, to get a clear picture of the torments the inmates undergo inside the American prisons. The only way to stay alive for these felons is for them to join forces with their races, the man narrated. That’s how white supremacists are born, in this age of Trump. Once they come out prisons, these men and women tend to become more racist and intolerant to other cultures, just as was the case inside.

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Today, 120,000 miles later, Doug is still at it. He’s met countless amazing people in his adventure. The former CNN reporter has also witnessed undocumented poverty and misery in deep America. The mainstream media does very little to detail the situation inside the small American towns. Instead, they concentrate their lenses on the big cities. The web is full of the surreal photos of poor and frustrated Americans, check them out.

MB2 Dental: Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva’s Dental Innovation

Within the dental industry there are really only two paths for a new entrant into the industry, firstly, a dentist can either join a established practice (which offers relatively little autonomy but good stability) or create their own practice (which is effectively the inverse of the previous example, with little in the way of stability but much in the way of personal autonomy). One dentist, however, a one Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, a practicing dentist who has a extensive background in both corporate dentistry as well as his own personal clinic, decided that it was time for a entirely new dental model, a entirely new way of conceptualizing the dental industry itself and the place of dental doctors within it. It was this idea, the desire to circumnavigate the rather stern dicotamy previously mentioned, that drove Dr. Villanueva to create MB2 Dental which vows to put doctors, and thus, patients, first above all other things.


MB2 Dental focuses on getting doctors to aid other doctors whilst simultaneously avoiding excessive micromanaging and autocratic interference which allows the companies dentists to do what they do best – focus on their work and their patients. This in turn means that patients themselves are getting leaps better attention and care than they would at most other, more traditional, dental clinics. The primary way that MB2 Dental facilitates Dr. Villanueva’s vision is by setting the company up to be dentist owned which means that personal autonomy is highly incentivised and thus better meets the demands of the free market which is a big plus for all parties involved.


When, in a recent interview for Ideamensch, Mr. Villanueva is asked why he thinks he has been so successful he responds by saying that his mentor always told him, “Not to be the smartest guy in the room,” meaning that you should not always be trying to come up with all of the answers yourself (since no one reasonably can expect to do so). Rather, Mr. Villanueva notes, he likes to surround himself with a wide array of advisors, each of whom has a different kind of specialty which then allows everyone to work in greater harmony and with a much higher degree of effectiveness. Simple as this might seem, the practice has been working quite well for Dr. Villanueva as his company is rapidly expanding with no end to success in sight.


MB2 Dental currently boasts nearly 600 full time employees and operates in over 70 different brick and mortar locations in over six different states spread out over the United States of America.


Lori Senecal: From Coach to Advertising Pioneer

It’s hard to believe that one of the most creative minds in the advertising industry was once just an unknown gymnastics coach. Nowadays Lori Senecal is known for her innovative advertising and marketing strategies. She has been highly successful despite being a self-proclaimed shy introvert. How does a gymnastics coach with a small personality become a pioneer in the advertising industry? The answer is through relentless effort and a consistent work ethic.

Senecal had the urge to pursue a career in business since she was in high school, but was sidetracked by her love of gymnastics. She even competed in competitions before turning to coaching because of her height. Senecal attributes much of her success to her time as a coach. She believes many of her leadership skills were learned and honed during this time. Even though Senecal loved coaching she eventually decided to put all her energy toward pursuing a career in business and enrolled in Montreal’s McGill University as a business major.

Senecal moved to Toronto after earning her degree and took a job in the media department of Vickers & Benson to work on the Ford account. After the demise of Vickers & Benson Senecal became the Canadian lead on the Coca Cola account.

With urging from colleagues who knew Senecal was capable of more she moved to New York to take on bigger goals. In the U.S. she was really able to showcase her creative marketing techniques. She quickly gained notoriety as an innovator and she recently spoke at the 3% conference.

Soon major agencies began courting the female leader. Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners was among the first to offer Senecal a job. KBP was impressed not only by her business knowledge, but by her personality overall. Because of this, Senecal was brought on as president, partner, and CEO. The company has since changed its name to Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal & Partners.

Lori Senecal is the first global CEO of CP+B. More details can be found on Adweek.

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The Rise of Adam Goldenberg in E-Commerce

Adam Goldenberg is an American investor who has founded several companies. He is the Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Just Fabulous Inc., now TechStyle and also Intelligent Beauty, Inc. Goldenberg has an impressive legacy in internet promotion, development and management of products.

On December 7, 2016, Adam Goldenberg appeared on CNBS together with Fabletics owner, Kate Hudson. Hudson said they want TechStyle Fashion Group to go public. Goldenberg said the main aim of the move is “to go bigger.” He added that such a decision needs the involvement of other investors in the company.

Adam Goldenberg projects a subscription fee of $650 million this year by TechStyle Fashion Group. Hudson’s Fabletics brand will contribute around $250 million. Fabletics makes most of its income from its monthly membership fee of $50. Goldenberg said that as the company’s CEO, he has the role of telling people the importance of enrolling in this membership program by Fabletics.

On August 2016, an announcement was made regarding JustFab’s renaming to TechStyle Fashion Group. The change of name was a sign of the company’s continued use of technology by working with companies like JustFab and ShoeDazzle among others.

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Goldenberg said that when they started the company with Don Ressler, they aimed at altering how shopping is done by enhancing on-trend fashion. He said the company has remained true to its vision. He added that this has helped the company become established in the fashion industry.

In April 2015 on, Goldenberg talked about JustFab and its future at the Splash Oakland, an annual event held by the founder and chief executive officer of Vator, Bambi Francisco. In 2014, when JustFab was just three years old, it earned $85 million through membership. This moved the company’s total earnings to $300 million, making it a “unicorn,” which refers to business with over a $1 billion valuation.

Goldenberg said joining that special club will not affect the way they operate. He added that that round of financing did not have as much impact on how the company operates as other rounds they had previously.

He said investing in the unicorns is worth. He noted that valuations are high in both public and private stock on He said the unicorns that are overvalued will definitely die and exit.

Goldenberg looked at the apparel and accessories’ $360 billion a year market in North America. He noted that despite the industry not growing, changes are being observed on the way people are shopping. Despite the number of customers that are shopping is increasing every day, there is a significant number that will still opt for storefront retail.

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