35 American Towns That Look Straight Out of Europe

Add these charming destinations to your bucket list ASAP.

We imagine what the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World would look like today

In a time before engines, electricity and architects, it’s a marvel how the ancient Greeks and Romans managed to build so many magnificent and imposing buildings and monuments – from the lighthouse at Alexandria to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

This Former Flyover City Is Having a Serious Cultural and Culinary Renaissance

Scissortail Park Since the onset of the pandemic, the US has experienced a cultural shift away from coastal metropolises as people have purchased RVs, pivoted to remote work, and in many cases, moved on to greener, more socially distant pastures. Like shaking up an Etch-A-Sketch, this cultural reset has allowed Americans to experience their country anew, with underrated, affordable, and previously ignored “flyover cities” like Oklahoma City at...

Should You Change Your Travel Plans Because of Monkeypox?

A case was also reported in the U.S.

The Most Popular Destinations Around the World, According to TikTok

The No. 1 attraction garnered 8.6 billion TikTok views from February 2021 to February 2022.

Venice postpones ‘tourist tax’ on day-trippers until 2023

Venice has postponed plans to charge visitors a “tourist tax” in its fight against overtourism, according to reports. Earlier this year, Venetian authorities announced that tourists heading to The Floating City would, starting next month, have to buy tickets for between $3.14 and $10.56 (£2.50–£8.40) per day. For more TPG news delivered each morning to …

17 game-changing Costco shopping hacks

Where to Celebrate Asian Heritage in Vancouver, Canada

From the Buddhist mountain temple of nearby Richmond to South Vancouver's Punjabi scene.

Make This Beachy San Diego Suburb Your Next Weekend Destination

Jon Bilous/Shutterstock If the word “suburb” conjures up images of gated communities with manicured lawns and a Costco that’s close, but not close enough, Oceanside, California is not that. There’s a Costco in nearby Vista, but that’s pretty much where the similarity ends. The northernmost suburb of San Diego had, for years, barely been a blip on the road from Los Angeles to San Diego, with a downtown area that could politely be described as...

Every New TV Show and Movie Hitting Hulu in June

Universal Pictures Hulu is doing fine work in the movie department as it continues to compete with the likes of Netflix, Amazon, HBO Max and all the rest for streaming supremacy. If you want to explore the catalog in more depth, every month brings dozens of fresh titles to the platform, from new originals and movies to classics, underrated gems, and even network TV as it currently airs. Below, you can find everything that's in store for the new...

See Jurassic Park Come to Life at These Amazing Dinosaur Fossil Parks

Dinosaur Provincial Park UNESCO World Heritage Site Dinosaurs: the word in itself sums up why people are drawn to sprawling deserts and rocky landscapes that might have prehistoric fossils, giant footsteps imprinted into stone, or even just a ghostly landscape where large creatures once roamed. Because dinosaurs. Enough said. Scattered across North America are a slew of opportunities to travel not only through space but also time. Road tripping...

40 reasons to visit the Lone Star State

The second-largest state in the USA (surpassed only by Alaska), Texas is filled with delightful things to see, do and experience. Comprised of seven distinct regions, the Lone Star state offers everything from buzzy cities to charming beach towns on the Gulf Coast to rugged, rolling terrain in Hill Country. Join us as we take a look at the top reasons why Texas should be on your must-visit list. As usual, check state travel advisory and individual venue opening times before planning a visit.

Hotel companies lured by lavish Saudi Arabia projects must find way to balance humanitarian promises

The world’s largest hotel companies are pouring into Saudi Arabia with plans to introduce their many brands across the country. The seismic expansion plans — which focus on the luxury market — arrive after the Saudi minister of tourism’s pledge last year that the country would spend more than $1 trillion to boost its tourism …

Asia Travel Requirements: A Country by Country Guide

Get the low-down on the current entry requirements for countries in Asia.

The 10 Best Trips Every Movie Lover Has to Take in Their Lifetime

If you're a movie buff or just love Hollywood magic, there are some pretty incredible trips to famous filming locations that you can visit.

Chase adds new warning for sign-up bonuses on select cards — why this shouldn’t affect you

We spend a lot of time talking about things like how to avoid red flags with banks and why you should never close a credit card within one year of opening it. Recently, Chase added new warnings into the terms and conditions of select sign-up bonuses, underscoring why these strategies are so important. However, if you …

19 Ways to Save On Summer Travel

There are plenty of ways to save on summer travel if you're flexible and willing to consider many types of trips.

15 ways to protect your privacy on the internet

If the internet connects us to a huge global community, with unprecedented access to services and information, it also needs to be navigated with the same care as any large urban environment. Keeping your personal information and financial resources safe from pilfering, theft, and ransom demands requires equal parts common sense and technological safeguards. With proper safety measures put in place, you can surf, shop, play, and work online productively, turning anxiety into peace of mind.

Going green: the best eco attractions in the US

Want to travel in the US while keeping your carbon footprint light? We’ve done the hard work for you and created a round-up of the best eco attractions, hotels, destinations and experiences in the country, which put sustainability at the heart of everything they do. Take a look through and get planning your next adventure. (Be sure to check state travel advisories for the latest guidelines before planning a trip.)

70 Father's Day Gift Ideas for All Kinds of Travel-Loving Dads

Whether they spend their vacations reading, eating, or in the great outdoors.

Late summer or autumn vacation? Lots of good deals to Cancun

Demand for travel to Mexico has surged in recent years. Fueled in part by a rise in flights aboard low-cost airlines, the number of U.S. travelers heading south of the border to visit Mexico’s many beaches has grown so much, some domestic airports have begun to re-think how much space they need to keep up …

Legendary Ghirardelli Chocolate Shop Reopens with a Fresh and Futuristic Look

Photo courtesy of The Ghirardelli Chocolate Experience Shop There is a special mystique to a vintage tourist destination, even for seasoned locals who would never purposefully go on their own. Maybe your cousin’s in from out of town, or a friend wants to do some people-watching, or maybe you just zoned out on Muni and ended up there, but the classic charm of a place like Ghirardelli Square will catch you off guard if you’re not expecting it....

New sale offers Etihad Guest miles for as low as 1.38 cents a piece — great deal for partner awards

Etihad Guest is back with another buy miles promotion, giving you an easy path to discounted flights on airlines like American Airlines, All Nippon Airways and Royal Air Maroc. Etihad Airways is based in Abu Dhabi, but its unique partnerships make Etihad miles extremely valuable no matter your destination. This new promotion offers up to …

Beautiful and futuristic subway stations around the world

A metro station is probably one of the last places you’d expect to find great art and breathtaking interiors. However, there are a few stations that hide exceptional design and art installations under city streets around the world. Forget dirty, badly lit platforms painted in dull colors, because we’ve sought out some of the world’s coolest subway and metro stations.

Splash out: your state's most luxe hotel

With incredible attention to detail, the lavishness and opulence of these elegant hotels know no limits, making these luxurious hotels destinations in their own right. From Venetian-inspired palaces and marble-clad lobbies to Art Deco masterpieces and suites with plush furnishings, these are the most glamorous hotels in every state.

California Is Getting a New State Park for the First Time in 13 Years

And it's just over an hour from San Francisco.

Ride a Vintage NYC Subway Train to the Beach This Summer

Felix Lipov/Shutterstock As warm weather officially returns in New York, beach-goers have the chance to take a unique and historic ride to the city's oceanfronts. The New York Transit Museum is bringing back its Nostalgia Trains, a series of rides on vintage subway cars maintained by the museum. There are three chances to catch a ride this summer, with two of the trains headed to Coney Island and Rockaway and the third showing off the now-closed...

The scariest attraction in every US state

The USA is crammed full of museums designed to be a window into times gone by – but, sometimes, the country's fascinating abandoned buildings do a better job of bringing the past into focus. From mysterious ghost towns to long-deserted mansions, we reveal the eeriest abandoned attraction in every state and DC. If you're planning on visiting any of these spooky spots, be sure to double check opening times and state travel advisories before you go.

Your Guide to the Best Memorial Day Sales Taking Place This Month

Emily Carpenter/Thrillist Memorial Day, a day that honors individuals who died in active military service, has also become a day about charring meat on a grill and buying a new mattress. It's still about the former, but stores can't resist themselves. If you a bunch of people have the day off work, stores are running sales. Remembering the real reason for the holiday and spending time welcoming summer with family and friends is far more...

U.S. News Best Vacations: Scenic Landscapes, National Parks Top Rankings

Sought-after vacation spots include natural wonders, beautiful beaches and iconic cities.

Best Poker Tables for Game Nights

16th-centuryThe game of poker has captivated people for generations. Some claim poker descended from a similar game in 10th century ancient China; others from a 16th century Persian version. “Poque” as it was known in the 1600s was played in France and also in the gambling dens of New Orleans in the 1800s. Casinos worldwide, […] The post Best Poker Tables for Game Nights appeared first on Florida Travel + Life.

These amazing attractions all have one surprising thing in common

Under the water's surface there's a whole world to explore. From submerged cities that date back hundreds of years, dazzlingly white caves that resemble underwater cathedrals and sunken hotel rooms with your very own (under)sea view, we've trawled the watery depths to find the world's most amazing underwater attractions. Dive in...

Tourism Could Threaten This Important Cultural Festival

Thought to symbolize prosperity and fertility, every year the Sasak people gather to catch sea worms as part of a unique tradition in Lombok.

This desert ghost town was once a millionaires' playground

Tour the eerie abandoned ghost town of Kolmanskop, a Namibian settlement consumed by sand

What do people around the world eat for breakfast?

Breakfast might just be the most important meal of the day, and plenty of places celebrate it in style. From table-covering spreads to a simple sip of coffee, here's a look at what different countries around the world are eating first thing in the morning. Travel need not (always) apply, either – we've even got a few recipes that you can try at home.

The Perfect Weekend Getaway to Calgary, Alberta

Photo by Jared Van Ree First opened in 1968, Calgary Tower offers fantastic views of the Rocky Mountains and the city. Calgary’s proximity to the Canadian Rockies has attracted an active and adventurous population of travelers. But before you head into the powder-dusted mountains for hiking and wildlife viewing, be sure to build in a few days for an urban adventure in Calgary as well. Calgary is one of Canada’s most diverse cities, with people...

Make your own vegan milk with these simple machines

Give the cow a rest and try these appliances for making vegan milk at home The post Make your own vegan milk with these simple machines appeared first on Florida Travel + Life.

Spectacular seaside spots in America, ranked

With more than 12,000 miles (19,000km) of coastline, it's no wonder the US has so many incredibly picturesque coastal towns. From atmospheric New England fishing villages to laid-back surfer spots in California, America's seaside offers something for everyone. Pack your bags and grab your shades as we take a look at these coastal charmers, but do remember to check state travel advisories and opening times for individual outlets before you go.

The Best International Trips for Wildlife Lovers

Photo by Shutterstock Getting close to the animals. Really close. Encountering animals in their natural habitat is a sublime and unforgettable experience—and there are so many organizations angling to provide those moments for their guests. For every legitimate, ecofriendly operator, there are untold numbers whose practices are questionable, if not exploitive. AFAR wants to help you find the best international trips to see wildlife in a...

What to Do in Disney World After Dark

From a monorail bar crawl to a nighttime safari.

Delta Won't Let You Do This on Flights, Effective Immediately

Delta Air Lines says that it has adopted a policy of blocking certain rows of seats from being booked by solo travelers on flights.

Inside the eerie abandoned mansion hiding in a Virginia golf course

Located in Farmville, Virginia, the once-magnificent Dunnington Mansion, also known as Poplar Hill, has been abandoned to the elements

Belgium has dropped almost all of its COVID-19 restrictions

Belgium has become the latest European nation to ease coronavirus-related travel restrictions. Not only have authorities lifted a ban on nonessential travelers from outside the European Union, but they have made it so visitors to the EU’s administrative heartland will no longer be subject to any entry restrictions, such as passenger locator forms, proof of …

US News & World Report Reveals Best Vacation Rankings for 2022-23

The new report identifies the world's best destinations for 2022 and 2023.

25 secrets for finding the best travel deals this summer

Give Dad the Gift of Reading with a Perfect Father's Day Book

From heartfelt memoirs to pop culture classics, these books are sure-fire hits for every dad in your life.

Abandoned places hiding in plain sight in busy world cities

From London to Tokyo to LA, abandoned sites left to rot in some of the world's wealthiest cities.

26 Top Things to Do in Maryland

Experience Maryland's memorable museums, beautiful parks, buzzing beaches and succulent seafood.

Beautiful tiny islands around the world

Discover 50 of the world’s most beautiful small islands, from US barrier islands and territories to far-flung and less-explored places around the world.

Here’s what happened when I stayed at the cheapest all-inclusive resort in Egypt

I’ve been dipping my toes into the world of all-inclusive accommodation. I started with an adults-only four-star hotel in Mallorca, Spain, before the pandemic. Then, because of the brutal winter 2020-2021 lockdown, it was eight months before I set foot outside of Central London to embark on my next all-inclusive excursion. Once the lockdown lifted, I spent …