Plan Now: 4 Top Adventure Travel Destinations for 2024

As we approach the end of the year, it's time to start planning those 2024 vacations. Here are the top adventure travel destinations of 2024. The post Plan Now: 4 Top Adventure Travel Destinations for 2024 appeared first on Outdoors with Bear Grylls.

Skip the Trial and Error: 11 Foolproof Travel Tips Guaranteed To Make Your Trip Memorable and Stress-Free

As much as we want to think of travel as a breezy experience, it can often be anything but. Between planning, packing, and navigating new places, there are countless little details that can make or break your trip. Fortunately, an online community of well-traveled individuals cites tried-and-true tips and hacks to make your next journey memorable for all the right reasons.

Style or Function? Experts Pick the Best Luggage Brands for 2023

We travel a lot, so we wondered recently if we were getting all we could out of our usual road-trip luggage. To find out, we turned to the style and product experts at Esquire and Good Housekeeping for advice on the best luggage brands.

The Amalfi Coast Is Italy at Its Best

Follow the steps of classic Hollywood stars as you indulge in a trip to one of Italy's most beautiful places.

Motorcycle Road Trips: Top 10 Destinations Every Biker Should Visit

Looking to hit the open road? From India to Italy and from Argentina to Australia, here are 10 motorcycle road trips around the world you should check out.

7 Lifesaving First Aid Items You Should Take on Vacation, Say Doctors & a Paramedic

Travel prep means planning for the unexpected. Our writer—a dad, former pro firefighter and paramedic, and present-day certified health coach—spoke with emergency room physicians to curate this list of essentials so your next adventure is unforgettable in all good ways. The post 7 Lifesaving First Aid Items You Should Take on Vacation, Say Doctors & a Paramedic appeared first on The Healthy.

I had a scary experience the first time I traveled solo. Now I always do these 4 things to feel safe and prepared.

Here is how you can travel more safely alone as a woman. Jesse Collier describes the things she always does when traveling solo to stay safe in new environments.

“Rise For The King” These 10 Countries Revealed Surprising Hidden Gems When People Visited

Embarking on a trip to a new country is like unlocking a treasure trove of mind-blowing experiences. Everywhere you turn, there’s something fresh and exciting to discover. Whether immersing yourself in a new culture or stumbling upon unexpected delights, each destination is packed with unique surprises. The adventure never ends! On an online platform, people have been swapping stories about the most surprising things they’ve learned while traveling to a new country.

Senior Traveling? Here Are 45 Tips to Help You Avoid Getting Lost (or Worse)

Are you a senior looking to explore the world and make memories? As a savvy traveler, you know that planning is key to a successful trip. From finding the best deals to choosing the right destination, there are many factors to consider. But with the right tips and tricks, you can make your travels stress-free and enjoyable. Here are some travel tips for seniors to help you make the most of your next trip.

Add these 20 unusual U.S. destinations to your travel bucket list

Flip through the slideshow for 20 of the country's most underrated U.S. sites, all of which should go on your travel bucket list. From North America's highest paved road to the Smoky Mountains' dramatic vistas, every destination on this list is worth a visit.

Visit The Largest British National Park For Incredible Outdoor Adventures

The United Kingdom is full of beautiful scenery, including mountains, lakes, with several national parks perfect for the outdoor adventurer.

Wandering Hearts: Enjoy These 15 Most Romantic Travel Experiences

Get ready to pack your bags and embark on a journey filled with romance, adventure, and unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re a newlywed couple or just in the mood for a romantic getaway, these 15 travel couple experiences will set your hearts ablaze. From breathtaking sunsets to adventurous hikes, get ready for a journey filled with passion and adventure.

Here’s How Often You Need To Vacation To Prevent Premature Death, Says Overwhelming Research

You'll want to pre-schedule your OOO message when you read this: Americans work hard—but recent research makes it clear we need to play harder, too. The post Here’s How Often You Need To Vacation To Prevent Premature Death, Says Overwhelming Research appeared first on The Healthy.

25 Affordable Girls' Trip Ideas That Will Convince You to Finally Plan That Getaway

This is your sign to finally book that trip you're always talking about in the group chat.

17 Countries Where Americans Should Exercise Extreme Caution When Traveling

Embarking on international adventures can be thrilling, but for Americans planning their travels, it’s crucial to exercise caution and be aware of potential risks in these 15 countries, where extra vigilance is advised.

15 Travel Foods That Will Make You Book A Repeat Vacation

Food is one of the best parts of travel. It allows us to experience new cultures and flavors and create memories that will last a lifetime. A user asked the forum, “What kind of delicious travel foods have you had that are worth a return visit?” Here are some responses he got!

21 Stops On Your Global Journey: Travel Tips And Insights

Embarking on a global journey unveils the thrill of exploring diverse wonders, adventures, and cultures. For both seasoned globetrotters and those stepping into international travel ... Read more The post 21 stops on your global journey: Travel tips and insights appeared first on Food Drink Life.

These are the most Instagrammable cities in autumn - and it's good news for Londoners

Looking for some travel inspo?

These Immersive Hotel Experiences Will Connect You With Nature in the Best Way

At these hotels, you won’t just be learning about nature. You’ll be rolling up your sleeves and digging your hands into the dirt — literally.

11 Countries That Will Make You Fall in Love with Life

When faced with many unknowns, searching for happiness becomes a universal goal. The pursuit of happiness has received much attention in recent years as nations work to increase their populations’ standard of living. Economic prosperity, social welfare, long life expectancy, and personal autonomy all play a role in the level of contentment in a country as a whole. This blog will examine the eleven countries deemed the happiest in the world, looking closely at the factors that set them apart and contribute to their citizens’ high levels of happiness.

I’ve Been to Every Theme Park in America—And These 13 Are My Favorites

You can definitely trust the opinion of a man who’s been to 333 amusement parks around the globe and ridden 903 different roller coasters. The post I’ve Been to Every Theme Park in America—And These 13 Are My Favorites appeared first on Reader's Digest.

Glamping Is the Best Way to Experience the Outdoors in Style

Outdoor living can be fancy, too.

Want to Take a Solo Trip? These Are the Best Places in the U.S. to Visit

Whether you're looking for nonstop activity or total relaxation. While traveling with friends and family can be a lot of fun, going somewhere alone has its perks. You get to choose everything — the destination, the hotel, the itinerary, the restaurants, how much money you spend and beyond. Only one opinion matters...yours. It's also a great way to push yourself out of your comfort zone, meet new people (if you so choose), unplug, rejuvenate and bask in moments of reflection — or even just escape reality for a few days. Whether you're planning your first adventure on your own or are a solo travel veteran, choosing a destination can be overwhelming, especially if you still have a lot of places to check off your bucket list. The good news is, you don't have to go far for the adventure or relaxation you crave, because there are plenty of options across the U.S. Weighing variables such as walkability, safety, self care opportunities, number of historic sites and museums and access to nature, we've come up with a list of the best places in the U.S. for solo travelers — ranging from mountain and beach destinations to small towns and large cities. Time to book your ticket for one, plan your itinerary (or don't, remember, it's your trip!) and answer to no one except yourself for a few days.

Experts Just Named the 8 Best Places to Go on Vacation That Zap Stress (Even After You Get Home)

The goal of that precious getaway is to unplug, decompress, and become you again. Research says the best places to go on vacation facilitate that magic in fascinating, scientific ways. The post Experts Just Named the 8 Best Places to Go on Vacation That Zap Stress (Even After You Get Home) appeared first on The Healthy.

Avoid Regret! 21 Things Every American Should Experience, or Else

Visiting iconic landmarks in New York City, witnessing the Northern Lights in Alaska, exploring the music scene in Nashville, experiencing the beauty of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, sampling diverse American cuisine, and attending live sports events provide Americans with unforgettable experiences that celebrate the nation’s culture, nature, and shared passions.

Journey Through Southeast Asia's Most Unique Experiences and Escapes

Southeast Asia is a treasure trove of unique experiences and breathtaking destinations. This region has some of the world’s most incredible sights and sounds, from vibrant cities to remote villages. If you’re looking for an adventure that will take you off the beaten path or simply want to relax in a one-of-a-kind accommodation, then you’re in luck. Today, we’ll take you on a journey through Southeast Asia and showcase some of the most unique...

Don't Kick the Bucket Without Visiting These 10 Countries First

First, I’ll say that I do not take this list lightly. We’re talking about trips you’d spend your last reservation on. This is the last Airbnb you ever rest your head in. Not to be dark, but those are the stakes here! These countries have earned their reputations as world-class travel destinations. I don’t care if you have to spend your kid’s college fund or take out high-interest loans (partially kidding). See these places before it’s too late!

15 Fascinating Travel Rules and Trends of Baby Boomers That We Can All Get Inspiration From

Baby boomers are often stereotyped as conservative and not particularly adventurous. But the truth is, this generation of retirees is taking on travel in a big way. Most of them are taking advantage of their newfound freedom, retirement savings, and the abundance of travel deals available to explore the world. Here are 15 interesting habits, rules, and trends that baby boomers today have adopted for their travels:

The Ultimate American Bucket List: Incredible Things to See in Your Lifetime

Here's our selection of the top 63 unmissable experiences you must have in the USA.

This Serene Mountainside Sanctuary Is Setting the Bar for Mission-Driven Travel

Getting your hands dirty is the greatest feeling. Ever.

15 of The Most Beautiful Places on Earth You Must Visit

Prepare to embark on a breathtaking journey through the world’s most captivating natural wonders and awe-inspiring man-made marvels! Earth is a treasure trove of beauty and wonder that beckons adventurers, romantics, and explorers alike. From the enchanting allure of Greek islands to the ancient mysteries hidden in the Andes, we’re about to unveil 15 of the most mesmerizing destinations that simply demand a spot on your travel bucket list.

These 25 Idyllic Destinations Are Perfect for Your Next Wellness-Inspired Getaway

It's time to book a restorative retreat in your favorite slice of paradise.

We Found the Most Charming Small Town to Visit in Every State

Bookmark these quaint destinations for your next trip! America might be best known for its major cities, but there's more to this beautiful, sprawling country than New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Those bustling metropolises are wonderful places to live and visit, but you need to know about the prettiest towns in America that are equally worth seeing. Whether you're seeking lush scenic landscapes, exquisite fine dining, or intriguing cultural attractions, the attributes of a great destination aren't limited to the most popular or densely populated areas. In fact, there are countless hidden gems throughout the United States, and we've found them. From sea to shining sea, we've rounded up some of the best small towns in every state. With populations averaging 5,000 people or less, these communities offer unforgettable experiences to suit every taste, from adventurous outdoor excursions like whitewater rafting to premier antique shopping. No matter if you're planning a fun-filled family vacation, a much-needed girlfriend getaway, or a romantic couple's trip, there's something for everyone on this comprehensive list. Add these small towns to your travel plans, and start dreaming up your next off-the-beaten path trip today.

When the Best Time To Visit Alaska Is, According to a Local

Read on if you're wondering when is the best time to travel to Alaska, whether you want to visit the state for train rides, the Northern Lights, or cruising.

She Accepted Her Husband’s Frequent Business Trips, But When They Became Week-Long Vacations She Became Concerned About His True Intentions.

A forty-year-old woman (OP) grapples with feelings of betrayal and abandonment as her loving husband increasingly spends time on extended trips with his close friend, causing tension in their otherwise blissful family life. As the frequency and duration of these trips escalate and crucial family moments are missed, a dramatic confrontation ensues, casting a shadow of doubt over the future of their relationship. With emotions running high and the stakes even higher, will they manage to find common ground, or will their seemingly perfect life crumble?

Underrated Museums and Galleries Around the World

Attention all art and history buffs!

I've traveled solo to 59 US National Parks. Here are my 10 best tips for first-time visitors.

I've visited 59 National Parks alone and recommend that travelers purchase an annual pass, make reservations in advance, and take lots of photos.

Traveling with kids as a solo parent taught me how to plan better vacations. In a blended family, everyone can do what they want.

The key to traveling with kids as a solo parent is to plan extensively but build flexibility and downtime into the day.

She Was An Explorer, A Writer, And The First Woman To Be Allowed To Join The Royal Geographical Society In 1892

When we think of some of the best writers who have written about nature, we usually think of Thoreau, Emerson, etc. But does Isabella Bird ever come to mind? Isabella Bird was an English traveler and writer who fantastically wrote about her adventures exploring and settling in America’s outdoors. Isabella was born in England in […]

Here's Your Definitive Check List For Your Next Camping Adventure

Time to go wild.

‘I’ve Seen Another Side of Europe’: Exploring the Coolest Neighborhoods

Europe is home to some of the world’s coolest and most fascinating neighborhoods. From the charming streets of Lisbon’s Alfama to the trendy hotspot of Trastevere in Rome, there’s something unique and exciting to discover in each one. As you plan your European adventure, we’ve rounded up twelve of the most captivating neighborhoods in Europe, showcasing their one-of-a-kind atmosphere, must-try restaurants, and unforgettable sights.

What a Solo Travel Adventure Teaches You: 11 Things to Avoid

Are you planning to embark on a solo travel adventure anytime soon? Before you hit the road, we’ve got some crucial advice for you. While traveling solo can be a thrilling and liberating experience, there are certain things that every solo traveler should avoid at all costs. From avoiding oversharing details of your trip to traveling sans expensive technology, we’ve rounded up a few things you should never do when traveling solo. Stick to these...

What This Millennial Learned on a Cruise Vacation with Boomer Parents

Here's how this unique family vacation went.

11 Surefire Tips To Turn Your Backpacking Adventure Into a Memorable Wilderness Experience

What’s the best way to explore the great outdoors? A backpacking trip that’s filled with breathtaking views, peacefulness, and the feeling of being connected to nature. But before you lace up your boots and head out on the trail, check out these 11 proven travel tips from a popular online forum to make your next backpacking trip a success even as a first-timer.

11 Awesome Experiences Americans Can’t Find Anywhere Else but in Canada

Gone are the days when Americans had to jet off to another continent to experience something unique and exciting. Now they just have to travel north of the border, as Canada offers various experiences and attractions that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. From experiencing its amazing landscape and wildlife to indulging in cultural experiences, here are 11 things that Americans love to see and do when they visit Canada.

This Less-visited Region in Southern Greece Has Idyllic Coastlines, Stunning Beaches, and Almost No Crowds

Travel advisor Jay Ternavan, a Greece expert on Travel + Leisure's 2023 A-List, shares his love of a less-visited peninsula on the Mediterranean.

Why App Updates Are So Important For Travelers

You may not keep your apps updated regularly but here's why you should definitely update them before you travel, especially if you're traveling abroad.

10 Gothic European Cities You Should Visit In 2023 ( & Their Best Hotels)

Discover ancient charm and Gothic grandeur in enchanting European cities and their best hotels, where history meets artistry.

12 epic backpacking pictures that will make you want to load up your pack and hit the trail

Backpacking allows you access to destinations that most people do not get to. It tests you, pushes you, and wows you. The backpacking pictures you get, miles into the backcountry, away from the crowds of tourists who visit the easy-to-reach destinations, are unique and pristine. Even more so, you get to show off untouched lands and highlight why these wonderful places need our protection from development.

Millions to Take to Skies as China Gears Up for Long Golden Week

After a strong summer, China’s travel market is about to get another boost as the Golden Week holiday arrives. More than 21 million people are expected to take flights in the space of eight days — the equivalent of almost everyone in Australia getting on a plane in a little over a week.