David McDonald on the Catalyst that Fueled the Growth of OSI Group in China

OSI Group has been operating in China for the latest 20 years. It has been successful in the region and David McDonald was on Provisioner TV where he talked about what made the company successful in the country. The catalyst that contributed to the success of the company in China is understanding the importance of becoming local. As much as OSI Group is an American company, it understands that it needs to bring solutions to its local customers. Long term partnerships have also fueled the company into new heights of success in China.

According to David McDonald, the company had to be flexible when venturing into China and throughout its time there. OSI Group understands that it is important to stay true to its principles. Therefore, they have never wavered from the path of adhering to food safety protocols as they produce high quality meat products.

Founded in 1909, OSI is one of the largest providers of food in the world. Today, it operates more than 65 facilities with 20000 employees across 17 countries. The company started has a neighborhood butcher shop and grew for over a century to become a premier global food provider. It leveraged partnerships, joint venturing and collaboration to expand into new markets. With more than 20 years in China, the company has established an impressive presence across the country.

David McDonald cannot emphasize enough the importance of understanding customer needs. Business cultures differ from one country to another. The company took its time to understand the business culture in China. It listens to consumers on how best they can be served and then, develop food solutions that satisfies them the most. Patience is key to developing meaningful relationships and trust. A combination of patience and going in with an open mind played a major role in the OSI’s success in China.

One thing Mr. McDonald has learned for the time the company has been operating in China is patience and learning business culture of a region is very critical. OSI has had its share of hurdles in China. It leveraged on partnering with everyone in an engagement process that really helped to overcome challenges.

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COO Paul Herdsman Explains How NICE Global Operates

Paul Herdsman is an entrepreneur and executive in the nearshoring industry. He co-founded a company located in Montego Bay, Jamaica, NICE Global, which contracts with companies to do their customer service. His company can improve their client’s customer retention, reduce the costs of overhead, and provide a way to scale up. NICE Global was co-founded by him in February 2014 and he is the chief operating officer.

In addition to his work at NICE Global, he says that his other “occupations” include being a father, husband, fishing enthusiast, and weekend golfer. His family is very important to him. He also enjoys fishing and golf because they help him relax and clear his head from a week’s worth of work.

Keeping and retaining staff is a critical skill, he says, which sets him apart from his peers in the nearshoring industry. He knows that keeping up the morale of the team and paying people fairly is extremely important when running a great business. He invests in the employees of NICE Global and provides them with all the tools they need to perform their jobs well. He says that this has resulted in highly skilled employees who have no limit on what they do with their careers.

Paul Herdsman was working for another company in 2013 which provided outsourcing service departments. Their service locations were spread out around the globe like most outsourcing companies operate. He said that this network couldn’t be streamlined and so it couldn’t offer customers consistent growth. He thought up alternatives to this business model and came up with the concept of NICE Global.

He chose Jamaica for a few reasons. Paul Herdsman says that one big advantage is that most people in Jamaica speak English. They’re also cost-competitive and are in a similar time zone to the U.S.
More about this entrepreneur can be read here.

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Food Development, Food Processing & Custom Food Production: OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions is at the top of its game as of 2019. This company started as a family-owned and operated business in Oak Park, Illinois. Founded by German-immigrant Otto Kolschowski, this family-owned business would become a vital meat supplier for its local community. Business was so good to where the company was invited to work with an up-and-coming hamburger chain named McDonald’s. Of course, the invite was actually a handshake among the two organizations. Otto & Sons was OSI’s title back in the day, but after it started to receive so much success, company leaders decided to change the name to what it is today.

OSI Food Solutions was McDonald’s first supplier of fresh beef. When the inception of cryogenics came along, OSI greatly benefited from its flash-freeze technology because the meats could be stored for longer periods of time. By the time 1973 rolled around, the company would build a plant that solely worked with the production of beef. This new plant only catered to McDonald’s at the time. As time passed, the company would go on to work with many more high-profile food retailors such as Burger King, Yum, Starbucks, Subway, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s Pizza.

OSI food Solutions has at least five plants in the United States. These advanced plants can be found in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, California and Utah. On a global scale, the company has plants in Brazil, Japan, China, Spain, India, Hungary, Canada, Poland, Ukraine and many other countries.

Baho Food and Flagship Europe are two of its biggest acquisitions. These two food processors offer a wide range of deli meats, snack foods, marinades, dressing, dips and convenience foods. In just the past few years, OSI Food Solutions has been presented with a number of industry-related awards, including the Globe of Honor Award and the Global Visionary Award.