Food Development, Food Processing & Custom Food Production: OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions is at the top of its game as of 2019. This company started as a family-owned and operated business in Oak Park, Illinois. Founded by German-immigrant Otto Kolschowski, this family-owned business would become a vital meat supplier for its local community. Business was so good to where the company was invited to work with an up-and-coming hamburger chain named McDonald’s. Of course, the invite was actually a handshake among the two organizations. Otto & Sons was OSI’s title back in the day, but after it started to receive so much success, company leaders decided to change the name to what it is today.

OSI Food Solutions was McDonald’s first supplier of fresh beef. When the inception of cryogenics came along, OSI greatly benefited from its flash-freeze technology because the meats could be stored for longer periods of time. By the time 1973 rolled around, the company would build a plant that solely worked with the production of beef. This new plant only catered to McDonald’s at the time. As time passed, the company would go on to work with many more high-profile food retailors such as Burger King, Yum, Starbucks, Subway, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s Pizza.

OSI food Solutions has at least five plants in the United States. These advanced plants can be found in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, California and Utah. On a global scale, the company has plants in Brazil, Japan, China, Spain, India, Hungary, Canada, Poland, Ukraine and many other countries.

Baho Food and Flagship Europe are two of its biggest acquisitions. These two food processors offer a wide range of deli meats, snack foods, marinades, dressing, dips and convenience foods. In just the past few years, OSI Food Solutions has been presented with a number of industry-related awards, including the Globe of Honor Award and the Global Visionary Award.

OSI Industries Provides Food Products Across the Globe

One food producer is making it’s mark all across the world, and it does not look like it’s stop expanding anytime soon. OSI Group, a premiere food provider, is that producer by providing quality products for businesses that are dependent on sourcing food products. They collaborate with many private companies throughout the world.

CEO David McDonald says that they are fortunate to have a reach that spans across the planet. What makes it a challenge is structuring your day to day operations to adhere to each country, like China, Europe, and the United States.

“We have local management teams that are very sensitive and very understanding of the local cultures and tastes. It’s the power of global scale and efficiency along with local solutions,” David says.

OSI Industries main headquarters is located Aurora, Illinois. To it’s CEO, having local management teams that have an understanding at a cultural level is invaluable.

Also in the state of Illinois, the city of Geneva will be a new plant that produces branded and private-label frozen entrees. The facility will be an addition to Millard Inc, a refrigerated warehouse and distribution services company.

The global corporation specializes in protein items such as beef and sausage, as well as custom made products like sandwiches and pizza for big names that you may have certainly heard of.

Unsurprisingly, OSI has fifty facilities in 17 countries and they are set to be expand their presence in China – a location where it has clients such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, Papa John’s and Subway.

OSI has been contributing to China’s for 20 odd years, with it’s 8 factories and two more facilities which are presently developing.It will become the largest poultry producer in the nation.

One other expansion in another country that is worth noting is Hungary, where OSI had recently added a high-capacity production line and cold storage to a facility that is based in Balbona.

Where else is the ever growing corporation going to expand? With the new tax code in place, it is not outside the realm of possibility that David McDonald will decide to establish more facilities right here in the United States.