Life And Activities Of The Entrepreneur And Investor — Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a businessman, investor, philanthropist, and a futurist who is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has a passion lined with technology and giving back to the community.

Jason Hope was brought up in Tempe where he went to the University of Arizona and later graduated with a degree in finance. He also received his MBA from ASU’S W.P Carey School of Business.

His recent research on age-related diseases

Jason Hope has recently been putting his focus on the anti-aging field for quit of his time. In that initiative, he has joined hands with Aubrey de Grey, someone who will undoubtedly move his ambition towards success. Aubrey de Grey founded SENS Research where he remains the Chief Science Officer. SENS is a center for research that manufactures regenerative medicine that treats the blights which cause diseases that are related to age.

Jason Hope’s donation to the SENS research foundation

To the demonstration of his devotion towards the anti-aging topic, Jason donated 500,000 dollars to support the SENS Research Foundation. When the donation was consolidated with other well-wishers’, SENS Research Foundation grew bigger and constructed a big laboratory by the name Cambridge SENS Laboratory. And with the donations, the institution got enough funds to start a research program.

Interview about the donation

When being interviewed, Jason Hope touched the fact that he was overwhelmed to donate such a considerable amount of money to SENS Research Foundation because the institution is going to offer unique ways, which will help in combating aging. The foundation is focused on the disease that contains degenerative effects on the human body which speeds up the aging process. Jason Hope’s goal is to help SENS Research Foundation in curbing aging issues.

His dedication to serving the People of Arizona

Together with his commitment, philanthropy, and investment initiatives, Jason has the dedication of interest towards politics with the aim of helping his local people in the development. His focus in politics is business related and also through the Arizona state and the nation at large.

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