Nina Vaca Has it All , Family and Business Success

Nina Vaca founded the Pinnacle Group in 1996. She worked in her Dallas, Texas living room. Vaca serves as Chairman and CEO of Pinnacle Group, which provides the right women for the right job. On March 8, 2018, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner proclaimed Nina Vaca Day for the first time. Ms. Vaca was named Woman of the Year by Solo Mujeres magazine. March 8 is known as International Women’s Day.

In 2017, Nina Vaca founded the Nina Vaca Foundation. The foundation was created to empower women. Recently, NVF raised $11,000 to commemorate the 11th annual Tribute to the Hispanic Women, empowering Latinos. The $11,000 paid for the tools needed to help Latino women grow their businesses.

Recently, Nina Vaca was elected to the very prestigious Council on Foreign Relations. The U.S. nonprofit think tank was founded in 1921, a year after women were given the right to vote. Being elected to the prestigious council made it possible for Pinnacle to expand the business globally. Pinnacle is adding Ireland, Mexico, Argentina, and Chile. Pinnacle was voted Fastest Growing Women-Owned Business in the United States in both 2015 and 2018.

Nina Vaca was 25 when she founded Pinnacle. The founder and CEO believes that if you really want something in life, you must prepare for it. Vaca was the third of five children born to Ecuadorian immigrants who embraced the American Dream vision. Vaca’s parents moved to Los Angeles to raise a family. At 17, the future CEO ran her family’s business. After completing college at age 25, Vaca moved to New York to start her career. She married and had a daughter, the first of four children. Her second daughter was born on September 13, 2011. About five years later, her sons were born 16 months apart from each other.

OSI Industries on a Global Scale

OSI Industries is a global leader when it comes to the provision of quality food products. Over the years, OSI has managed to grow and become one of the largest companies in the United States when it comes to food production. This privately owned company has branches in over 17 countries. Its facilities are more than sixty five, and it has twenty thousand employees working under it. OSI is among the best companies related to food production because of the value of their food products. All food products that are sold by OSI are carefully vetted and inspected before they reach their consumers to ensure they are in line with the company’s standards.

OSI Industries is not an institution that works alone, and it provides opportunities to other food-related industries as well. OSI is known for partnering with other brands such as restaurants and also vendors for food products. These brands can take advantage of OSI’s success and take their products to a global scale. Since OSI controls most if not all of the food products that go around, they can set affordable prices for consumers by setting and securing them. OSI Industries puts its customers and consumers first before anything else, and that is why they work so tirelessly to come up with quality food products. The food they produce is also safe and takes little time to prepare.

OSI Industries can be termed as a global leader in food production because they have aggressively reached the market of many countries. Some of the states that OSI has managed to reach include Australia, Philippines, Europe, India and North America. Their largest consumer audience is in the United States, but with time they hope they can expand to other facilities as well. OSI works relentlessly to continue expanding its operations to other countries. Due to their increased sales, OSI was recently forced to double its chicken production. The high demand for the chicken prompted this forcing the company to increase their production to satisfy their consumers. The chicken production at OSI was at 12000 tones, but they had to increase this amount to 24000 tons in their Spanish facility.

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Oren Frank: Drawing the World’s Attention to Mental Healthcare Online

In 2018, Talkspace, an online therapy startup, hired a Chief Medical Officer to join its team. Neil Leibowitz joined the startup from UnitedHealth after getting to know the product and team led by CEO Oren Frank. He was initially hesitant because the company represented something new. However, now that he understands the company better and the solution it is offering the world through the online space, he is fully supportive and ready to execute its vision. Check out talkspace .com to learn more about Oren Frank’s presentation.

Services Offered

With Neil Leibowitz on board,Talkspace CEO Oren Fran says the company can now start prescribing medicines using the app which recently hit the 1 million users mark. The company offers two services: a $49 messaging service with a mental health professional and a $79 weekly service for verbally talking to a therapist via video. Because the current workforce is highly susceptible to depression which affects their productivity, more employers are tapping into services offered by Talkspace. Data shows most employees prefer the messaging service and growth has been witnessed in sales from this service. With the new Chief Medical Officer on board, the business side of things for the five-year-old business is expected to grow. The company which makes millions of dollars is looking to tap more business from employers. Consequently, Oren Frank says the company is thinking of issuing an IPO to enhance its expansion.

Twitter Presence

Oren Frank is a great advocate of using the online space to provide solutions to everyday problems. His Twitter handle is filled with information on mental health. On more than one occasion, he has highlighted the global healthcare epidemic and its impact on every sphere of life. Depression and anxiety are currently affecting more than 1 billion people worldwide. Consequently, he continues to call on the World Health Organization (WHO) and organizations like The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to answer the call of the epidemic. Through his Twitter handle, Oren Frank also draws attention to services offered by Talkspace and highlights the company’s impact. Read more:

DonataMeirelles Talks About Her Favorite Beauty Products And Tips

When it comes to Brazilian fashion, one woman who has stood as an icon within this versatile industry is DonataMeirelles, Meirelles has played a prominent role in the growth of Vogue Brazil and has actively improved the the workings of the magazine with the extensive knowledge of the fashion industry that she has. She has also authored numerous articles and starred in various productions and videos where she talks about the fashion insight that she has and gives tips to those who are looking to improve their wardrobe. Her knowledge of the fashion industry has significantly helped her with this and has enabled her to give her readers useful insight into the fashion that they can incorporate.

Beauty is also something that Meirelles is incredibly knowledgeable amount and has released several articles and videos that talk about her beauty routine and the products that she likes to use. One of her articles that have received an incredible amount of positive recognition is a video that she did with her mother and daughter. She video is one wherein Meirelles showcases the beauty products that she uses and the tips that she incorporates in order to maintain her skin. Connect Donata Meirelles on facebook for updates.

In the video, one of the first things that she talks about is the brands that her family stands by. One of the main brands that she uses is Chanel, and she stands by the range of products that are offered. She states that a lot of the practices that she implements are being passed down by her mother and the rest of her family, and sees this as something that is tested and true.

DonataMeirelles states that when it comes to dry lips her go-to solution is a product from Hydra Beauty. She states that this is something that helps her improve the texture of her lips and helps retain the moisture in them for a longer time. For the skin under her eyes, she uses Le Lift Firmer, which is a product that is meant to rejuvenate and nourish the area. For a makeup remover, she swears by V Flash, which is a product used by professional artists to remove even the most resilient of eye makeup.

At the end of the video, DonataMeirelles gave some advice to her viewers about a valuable tip that she has learned through the years. She believes that everyone should focus more on their inner beauty because that is what truly makes a person special.

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How Sussex Healthcare Is Adjusting Its Operational Style

Sussex Healthcare remains focused on continuous delivery of services to its entire clients. SHC management works hard to ensure that the company maintains the standard in its operations. In that connection, the administration continues to monitor its activities sealing the loopholes that might jeopardize the company’s reputation of over three decades. Being one of the most significant care homes in the United Kingdom in over eighteen homes, Sussex Healthcare leaves no stone unturned in its improvement strategies.

Communication is one of the pillars that maintain an excellent relationship between Sussex Healthcare employees and customers. The company welcomes all the clients’ views, whether positive or negative. Besides, the caregivers update the clients regularly on matters related to their health. According to the Chief Operations Officer, Steve Whittingham, working in the care homes is not business as usual. The management nowadays monitors the trained caregivers to ensure that they correct any issues arising from the residents to ensure proper service delivery. The caregivers admit that the new move has worked positively. Read this article at

Steve explains that Sussex Healthcare is not trying to correct any wrongdoing, but it is changing according to modern technology. SHC started operating over thirty years ago, and it must realign itself to compete with the new healthcare companies coming up with the current management system. The company is also investing in the IT department. To go in line with modern technology, SHC is investing heavily in IT by providing its dedicated staff with mobile phones, laptops, PC’s, and desk phones. The IT staff attends to all the customer’s questions and gives them reference tickets for effective follow up among other upcoming IT products.

SHC started holding meetings with the residents to collect their thoughts, ideas, and feedback. The sessions would strengthen the bond between the residents and the management. Besides, the company continues to recruit new-trained caregivers to enhance efficient service delivery. To get the best caregivers; the company offers referral bonuses to the staff members that recommend qualified employees that pass the interviews. Besides, SHC would employ a human resources Director to streamline the recruitment procedures, learning, and development as well as monitor the life cycle of all the company’s employees.

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Betsy Devos Takes on Washington D.C.

Betsy DeVos is one of the most high-profile members of President Trump’s already high-profile cabinet. Hailing from Holland, Mi, Betsy DeVos was brought into the political machine of the GOP after spending the better part of the past three decades donating to and supporting the Michigan Republican Party. Betsy DeVos and Dick DeVos have been power players in Michigan’s politics for years and that has helped to prepare Betsy DeVos for the big leagues. Betsy DeVos is making her way to the Department of Education with big ideas and something to prove.


Coming into Washington D.C. with little in the way of political work on her resume, Betsy DeVos was expected to be a complete pushover from the word ‘go’. While ostensibly backed by the GOP and supported by President Trump, Betsy DeVos’ newness to politics was going to serve to make her vulnerable to political machinations on both sides of the aisle. With that being said, DeVos has been anything but vulnerable.


After being confirmed by the Senate, Betsy DeVos was quick to establish herself in her position as she called on prominent leaders of the major teacher’s unions in the country. While many prominent union leaders refused to sit down with DeVos, other leaders chose to come to the table. Among the union leaders who attended a meeting with Betsy DeVos was Randi Weingarten, President and vocal leader of the American Federation of Teachers. While Weingarten is likely a Democrat and definitely progressive, she was willing to hear out Betsy DeVos. Weingarten would end up leaving the meeting feeling stunned. DeVos was razor-sharp, confident, and informed of her position. Weingarten would conclude that DeVos would be ‘dangerous’ to members of the opposition party.


What makes Betsy DeVos particularly dangerous is that she has been working her whole life toward ushering in real change in the realm of education. For over three decades, Betsy DeVos has been single-minded in her pursuit of school choice. DeVos believes that the federal government should be steering tax dollars toward the support of privately funded institutions. DeVos’ belief is that privately funded schools are just as valid as public schools. After all, students are unique and some learn more effectively from different types of environments.


Betsy DeVos is rapidly gaining the confidence of major members of her political party. She has also won respect from the opposition party. Who knows how successful Betsy DeVos can be?


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Paul Herdsman to Expand NICE Global

Paul Herdsman is the COO of NICE Global in Boca Raton, Fla. The highly successful headquarters of the customer service company is based in Jamaica. Herdsman founded NICE Global in 2014. Herdsman has unwavering support towards his staff and strong understanding for team morale and staff retention. He has expertise with staff that leads to customer satisfaction with all facets of success.

Since the beginning, NICE Global in 2014, has led to the continuous growth of the company between clients and employees. Paul Herdsman was working globally in 2013, setting concrete goals. Herdsman outsourced services to countries including Jamaica. He provided staff training, tours and on-site meetings.

NICE Global provides outsourced sales, live chat, and other technical services for customers. NICE Global wants to meet the needs of their customers and make them feel valued to boost employee morale. Paul Herdsman has an expertly trained customer service team. Each representative will give the customer the same quality of respect instead of varying degrees. The employees receive plenty of training and education before dealing with customers. NICE Global works hard to retain employees and help them move upward to higher paying jobs.

Another branch of NICE Global might be opening up in Kingston to attract employees way outside their Montego Bay location in Jamaica. It is difficult for people to travel back and forth from Kingston to Montero Bay for work. NICE Global has already expanded in other parts of Jamaica. The company has enjoyed the great successful growth. Paul Herdsman would like to build a NICE Global facility in other countries.

Herdsman considers limiting redundancies as a tool for success. To be successful, one needs to speak in a concise manner. Team members need to have very little room for misunderstanding. Everyone needs to be able to work multitask jobs.

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How Agera Energy can Help Save You Money

Finding a good energy provider is easy now that you are able to choose Agera Energy. This company has been around for quite awhile and continues to offer high-quality electricity and natural gas to their customers. They have locations all over the country, which makes it highly convenient for you to choose an office location nearest to you. You can then choose between electricity or natural gas at your own discretion and begin to make use of the different services that Agera Energy provides. There is a reason why thousands of people all across the country are making the switch to this company and getting away from their current provider.

The great thing about Agera Energy is that you can make use of their services by signing up for an account on the internet. Once you sign up, a service installer will come out to your home and install all of the equipment that is needed to power your home with either natural gas or electricity. You can also check out the Agera Energy Facebook page for more information regarding their rates and service availability. This is a good time for you to make use of this amazing company and for it to help you out when making the switch. Agera Energy is there for you every step of the way and can be a great choice for when you want and need to have a provider that you can trust with the running of your home on a budget. To watch videos click here.

Who Is Richard Liu?

Richard Liu is the organizer as well as the CEO of is one of China’s biggest online business retailers. At the present moment, it is worth $57.6 billion. Richard Liu himself is estimated at being worth $11 billion (this estimate comes from Forbes).

Walmart & Stakes

Walmart is an investor in From the time of this article has been written, Walmart is of late expanding its stake upward to 12 percent. Back in June 2017, it was reported that had put $397 million in Farfetch alongside a commonly useful organization that benefits from the two organizations’ individual reach in China and involvement in extravagance style.

Where Did Richard Liu Graduate From?

Richard had graduated with a degree in humanism from the highly esteemed Renmin University of China in 1996. Liu Qiangdong’s pursued degree with an MBA from the China Europe International Business School. Upon graduation, Liu was procured by the organization Japan Life, where Richard Liu held various distinctive jobs amid his two-year residency including chief for PCs and executive for business.

Moving On Up

In 1998, Liu struck out without anyone else by opening up a shop that sold selling magneto-optical. He named it “Jingdong”; this name was a combination of the last character of his then sweethearts name and his last character.

By 2003, he had extended to 12 stores. That same year the SARS episode constrained both staff and clients to remain house-bound, compromising Jingdong’s future. The flare-up constrained Liu to rethink his physical plan of action, and in 2004, was conceived. By 2005, Liu had covered the majority of his stores to concentrate on online business, where he started to sell a bunch of value purchaser merchandise close by gadgets.

WeChat and

In March 2014, WeChat proprietor Tencent procured a 15 percent stake in for $215 million. As a major aspect of the arrangement, WeChat consented to advance conspicuously on its informal organization which brags almost a billion month to month dynamic clients. After two months, opened up to the world and started in the United States in one of the greatest Nasdaq buoys of that year.

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Mr. Michael Nierenberg has a rich background in executive management positions

Currently, he is the MD at Fortress Investment Group. Mike Nierenberg is also the CEO, president and chairman of the board at New Residential Investment Corp. Before getting to his present positions, Mr. Michael has worked for Global Mortgages, Bank of America, JP Morgan, Bear Stearn, and Lehman Brothers.

Some of the positions Mr. Mike Nierenberg has held in his previous job positions are sales and trading activities, managing securitized products at the investment bank, sitting at the board of directors, determining mortgage rate and heading foreign exchange and interest rate operations. All these wealth of experience has shaped Mr. Mike Nierenberg to become a capable and skilled leader. He is a creative and strategist individual who formulates solutions to various issues in his domain. Mr. Nierenberg’s goal is to increase benefits for the company’s clients and all those he is serving.

Besides executive management, Mr. Mike Nierenberg is interested in supporting nobility. He is the chairman of a cancer research foundation. Cancer is a global pandemic that Michael wants to help in eradicating. Supporting such a foundation does not come easy for anyone. For Michael to do it, he had to amass wealth from various investments.

Throughout his career, Mr. Mike Nierenberg has identified top-notch opportunities for investment that have created significant wealth for him. His knowledge and experience did not only benefit clients and his bosses. Michael also made a killing from it. Mr. Nierenberg is aiming to take his leadership to higher levels and continue leading his entities to greater excellence.

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