COO Paul Herdsman Explains How NICE Global Operates

Paul Herdsman is an entrepreneur and executive in the nearshoring industry. He co-founded a company located in Montego Bay, Jamaica, NICE Global, which contracts with companies to do their customer service. His company can improve their client’s customer retention, reduce the costs of overhead, and provide a way to scale up. NICE Global was co-founded by him in February 2014 and he is the chief operating officer.

In addition to his work at NICE Global, he says that his other “occupations” include being a father, husband, fishing enthusiast, and weekend golfer. His family is very important to him. He also enjoys fishing and golf because they help him relax and clear his head from a week’s worth of work.

Keeping and retaining staff is a critical skill, he says, which sets him apart from his peers in the nearshoring industry. He knows that keeping up the morale of the team and paying people fairly is extremely important when running a great business. He invests in the employees of NICE Global and provides them with all the tools they need to perform their jobs well. He says that this has resulted in highly skilled employees who have no limit on what they do with their careers.

Paul Herdsman was working for another company in 2013 which provided outsourcing service departments. Their service locations were spread out around the globe like most outsourcing companies operate. He said that this network couldn’t be streamlined and so it couldn’t offer customers consistent growth. He thought up alternatives to this business model and came up with the concept of NICE Global.

He chose Jamaica for a few reasons. Paul Herdsman says that one big advantage is that most people in Jamaica speak English. They’re also cost-competitive and are in a similar time zone to the U.S.
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