Nina Vaca Has it All , Family and Business Success

Nina Vaca founded the Pinnacle Group in 1996. She worked in her Dallas, Texas living room. Vaca serves as Chairman and CEO of Pinnacle Group, which provides the right women for the right job. On March 8, 2018, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner proclaimed Nina Vaca Day for the first time. Ms. Vaca was named Woman of the Year by Solo Mujeres magazine. March 8 is known as International Women’s Day.

In 2017, Nina Vaca founded the Nina Vaca Foundation. The foundation was created to empower women. Recently, NVF raised $11,000 to commemorate the 11th annual Tribute to the Hispanic Women, empowering Latinos. The $11,000 paid for the tools needed to help Latino women grow their businesses.

Recently, Nina Vaca was elected to the very prestigious Council on Foreign Relations. The U.S. nonprofit think tank was founded in 1921, a year after women were given the right to vote. Being elected to the prestigious council made it possible for Pinnacle to expand the business globally. Pinnacle is adding Ireland, Mexico, Argentina, and Chile. Pinnacle was voted Fastest Growing Women-Owned Business in the United States in both 2015 and 2018.

Nina Vaca was 25 when she founded Pinnacle. The founder and CEO believes that if you really want something in life, you must prepare for it. Vaca was the third of five children born to Ecuadorian immigrants who embraced the American Dream vision. Vaca’s parents moved to Los Angeles to raise a family. At 17, the future CEO ran her family’s business. After completing college at age 25, Vaca moved to New York to start her career. She married and had a daughter, the first of four children. Her second daughter was born on September 13, 2011. About five years later, her sons were born 16 months apart from each other.

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