DonataMeirelles Talks About Her Favorite Beauty Products And Tips

When it comes to Brazilian fashion, one woman who has stood as an icon within this versatile industry is DonataMeirelles, Meirelles has played a prominent role in the growth of Vogue Brazil and has actively improved the the workings of the magazine with the extensive knowledge of the fashion industry that she has. She has also authored numerous articles and starred in various productions and videos where she talks about the fashion insight that she has and gives tips to those who are looking to improve their wardrobe. Her knowledge of the fashion industry has significantly helped her with this and has enabled her to give her readers useful insight into the fashion that they can incorporate.

Beauty is also something that Meirelles is incredibly knowledgeable amount and has released several articles and videos that talk about her beauty routine and the products that she likes to use. One of her articles that have received an incredible amount of positive recognition is a video that she did with her mother and daughter. She video is one wherein Meirelles showcases the beauty products that she uses and the tips that she incorporates in order to maintain her skin. Connect Donata Meirelles on facebook for updates.

In the video, one of the first things that she talks about is the brands that her family stands by. One of the main brands that she uses is Chanel, and she stands by the range of products that are offered. She states that a lot of the practices that she implements are being passed down by her mother and the rest of her family, and sees this as something that is tested and true.

DonataMeirelles states that when it comes to dry lips her go-to solution is a product from Hydra Beauty. She states that this is something that helps her improve the texture of her lips and helps retain the moisture in them for a longer time. For the skin under her eyes, she uses Le Lift Firmer, which is a product that is meant to rejuvenate and nourish the area. For a makeup remover, she swears by V Flash, which is a product used by professional artists to remove even the most resilient of eye makeup.

At the end of the video, DonataMeirelles gave some advice to her viewers about a valuable tip that she has learned through the years. She believes that everyone should focus more on their inner beauty because that is what truly makes a person special.

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