Perry Mandera: A Man Using Transportation to Make a Big Difference

Perry Mandera is a great example of what can happen when passion meets hard work, and his story is an inspirational one. Mandera has served in the Marine Corps Reserves, worked in the transportation industry in a number of roles, and held public office. All of these experiences come together in a way that allows Mandera to be a powerful philanthropic force. There is no doubt that Perry Mandera has done everything in his power to better the community around him, and even though his journey is remarkable, the steps he took to reach his current position leaves a blueprint for those wanting to make s similar impact.

Perry Mandera had relatively humble beginnings and graduated from a Chicago high school. His military service came right afterwards, and his quick enlistment with the Marine Corps Reserves turned out to be a turning point in Mandera’s life. In the Marines, Mandera worked in the motor pool. While in the motor pool, Mandera was heavily exposed to the transportation industry. Of course, this experience with truck driving was coupled with the general benefit that comes with spending time in the military, and Mandera emerged the Marine Corps Reserves with a whole new skill set and outlook.

Fast forward to today and Perry Mandera is the founder of The Custom Companies Inc. The Custom Companies Inc. provides transportation services to many companies and has achieved great success, but Mandera wanted more. Knowing that the transportation industry was capable of great acts of charity, Perry Mandera decided to shift the company in a way that more closely aligned with his philanthropic values (Slideshare). While the purely business side of his company certainly prioritizes treating clients with respect and value, Mandera wanted to make a direct impact in the surrounding communities. To accomplish this, Mandera regularly gives money to local charities. While his donations are spread across multiple causes, Perry Mandera seems to have a soft spot for children, veterans, and those suffering from cancer.

Perry Mandera also makes sure that The Custom Companies Inc. takes care of communities dealing with natural disasters. After a terrible tornado hit Washington, Illinois, Mandera and his company gave transportation and aid to those suffering. Stretching out beyond Chicago and Illinois, Mandera also made a strong effort to aid during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. In addition, Perry Mandera also helps out local programs and events for the youth of Chicago. Here, Mandera’s love of sports shines, and he gets a chance to make a huge difference. But Mandera’s work goes even further than this, and anyone interested should learn more about him if interested.

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