Ryan Seacrest Enjoys The Busy Life

Ryan Seacrest has become one of the most well-known radio hosts, announcers, and just general celebrities in Hollywood these days. This is not just because of his talent and charm alone, but also his dedication and relentless work attitude. On a regular basis, Ryan Seacrest is working a dozen different jobs at a time. Between working at several radio stations, including his own, he manages a clothing line, he interviews celebrities for E! news, he takes care of his own non-profit foundation, and much more. This is why Ryan is also called the busiest man in Hollywood.

Ryan has been working in Hollywood and on radio for a long time, since the early 90’s. He started up his massively popular radio show, “On Air With Ryan Seacrest“, in 2004 and it is still doing successfully today. Ryan hasn’t always been in the limelight, however. It was when he took on hosting American Idol that Ryan became a household name, as one of the most popular television shows in the country at the time. That threw Ryan’s career into hyperdrive, giving him many more opportunities, most of which he tries to get involved in, as mentioned in Instagram.

Despite all of his success on his radio shows, including “Live With Kelly And Ryan”, Ryan has still found the time to invest in his charity, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. Not only does Selena Gomez acts as the foundation’s ambassador, but she has helped build the foundation and bring happiness to thousands of kids throughout the United States. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation works with kids in hospitals to give them a more interactive environment that engages children so they have something to look forward to and learn at the same time. Ryan plans to keep expanding his foundation, on top of all his other professional commitments. Ryan has stated that his lifestyle is very structured, but he enjoys his work and has no intention of slowing down anytime soon.

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IC Systems, its philanthropic works, and systems

In the year 1938, Ruth Erickson and her husband Jack Erickson founded the IC Systems. Ever since, it has been at the forefront of innovation in the accounts receivable recovery industry. Its headquarters are based outside of Saint Paul’s Minnesota (Twitter).

The company is key on simplicity to ease its operation and make it user-friendly not only to its clients but also to it loyal and critical employees.

The company,refer to as IC Systems, is well grounded in its core values which are people, integrity, performance, pride as well as innovation. These values are made known to all employees who are naturalized to live by them not only at work but also apply them in their day to day lives.

In the year 1981, IC Systems started the ‘Employee Charitable Help Organization.’ The main aim of starting the organization was to let the employees of the firm help immediate and far-off communities in need of aid.

The primary function, on the other hand, is to investigate and make decisions on the socialization as well as the distribution of funds that are donated by IC Systems as well as the employees of the company. This is an entirely philanthropic organization.

They have many charities. Some of these include:

  1. The American Cancer Society
  2. American Red Cross
  3. Toys for Tots
  4. Relay for Life

The company through charities aims to help as many individuals in need as possible. It is this way that they give back to the society.

The objectives of the business are also well stated. Some of them include being mindful of neutrality. This is achieved by the conservation and efficient use of energy as well as other renewable resources. There is consideration of sustainability in the maintenance as well as the management of infrastructure and lands.

The company aims at challenging IC Systems to bring sustainability values into other communities. This can only be done through teaching, learning, working, research, working as well as discussion. These are just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to their visionary objectives.

The firm is secure. FRSecure ensures this, and they go an extra mile to hire a third-party auditor. This is mainly to increase the reliability of the systems that run the organization.

Ryan Seacrest Uses His Status to Help Youth

When Ryan Seacrest realized he had the ability to help others, he knew there were things he could do that helped people instead of the things he did before. Ryan Seacrest knew what it meant to give people a positive experience and knew how to really make a lot of friends in the industry. He used his abilities to help kids who were in need and kids who needed his help. Kids who use the Ryan Seacrest foundation get a chance to follow entertainment dreams they might not have reached if it weren’t for the chance he gives them. No matter the issues kids have to push through or what they want to do in entertainment, Ryan Seacrest and his foundation can help them get everything they need to be successful. It’s their goal of helping that gives people a chance to see things will keep getting better and things will change because of how hard people have to see things.

When the TV and radio show host and producer made the foundation, it was so he could give back to people. He felt it was his job to keep showing them how things would get better and how things would change for other people who wanted help. Kids could reach their dreams while others got the ability to make things easier on all their kids. Ryan Seacrest knew just what to do so kids had a chance for more success in the future. He wants to see them succeed no matter the issues people have or the opportunities they can get.

By the way Ryan Seacrest works, he knows how to show people the right way to do things and the right opportunities they could get from everything they offered. Ryan Seacrest likes to help other celebrities. Ryan Seacrest also likes giving people a chance to see there are things that will keep getting better and things that will change as a result of the hard work he puts into things. Ryan Seacrest knows what everyone needs and isn’t afraid to help them get to that point. He knows everyone needs his help reaching different goals. Get in touch with him through Facebook.

Perry Mandera: A Man Using Transportation to Make a Big Difference

Perry Mandera is a great example of what can happen when passion meets hard work, and his story is an inspirational one. Mandera has served in the Marine Corps Reserves, worked in the transportation industry in a number of roles, and held public office. All of these experiences come together in a way that allows Mandera to be a powerful philanthropic force. There is no doubt that Perry Mandera has done everything in his power to better the community around him, and even though his journey is remarkable, the steps he took to reach his current position leaves a blueprint for those wanting to make s similar impact.

Perry Mandera had relatively humble beginnings and graduated from a Chicago high school. His military service came right afterwards, and his quick enlistment with the Marine Corps Reserves turned out to be a turning point in Mandera’s life. In the Marines, Mandera worked in the motor pool. While in the motor pool, Mandera was heavily exposed to the transportation industry. Of course, this experience with truck driving was coupled with the general benefit that comes with spending time in the military, and Mandera emerged the Marine Corps Reserves with a whole new skill set and outlook.

Fast forward to today and Perry Mandera is the founder of The Custom Companies Inc. The Custom Companies Inc. provides transportation services to many companies and has achieved great success, but Mandera wanted more. Knowing that the transportation industry was capable of great acts of charity, Perry Mandera decided to shift the company in a way that more closely aligned with his philanthropic values (Slideshare). While the purely business side of his company certainly prioritizes treating clients with respect and value, Mandera wanted to make a direct impact in the surrounding communities. To accomplish this, Mandera regularly gives money to local charities. While his donations are spread across multiple causes, Perry Mandera seems to have a soft spot for children, veterans, and those suffering from cancer.

Perry Mandera also makes sure that The Custom Companies Inc. takes care of communities dealing with natural disasters. After a terrible tornado hit Washington, Illinois, Mandera and his company gave transportation and aid to those suffering. Stretching out beyond Chicago and Illinois, Mandera also made a strong effort to aid during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. In addition, Perry Mandera also helps out local programs and events for the youth of Chicago. Here, Mandera’s love of sports shines, and he gets a chance to make a huge difference. But Mandera’s work goes even further than this, and anyone interested should learn more about him if interested.

New Study by Jorge Moss States That It Is Better to Give than to Receive

Are you familiar with the saying “it is better to give than to receive?” Studies have shown that through the simple act of giving individuals may experience pleasure, improved health, and even stronger social ties. In fact, a study conducted in 2006 by neuroscientist Jorge Moll and his fellow colleagues discovered when individuals give to charities, areas of the brain that deal with pleasure and social connections are activated.


To determine if being charitable plays a role in pleasure, a study led by Jorge Moll was conducted at the University of California, Riverdale where participants were asked to perform five acts of kindness for the duration of six weeks. The study found that participants experienced a good amount of pleasure through their charitable acts. In a similar study conducted by Harvard Business school, participants reported experiencing greater amounts of pleasure when donating money as opposed to spending it on themselves. Dr. Jorge Moll believes that when an individual commits a charitable act the brain releases feel good chemicals like dopamine that causes you to experience positive feelings or pleasure.


In addition to playing a role in pleasure, being charitable also can be beneficial to your health. For example, researchers found that individuals who offer others support tend to have lower blood pressure than those who do not (http://releasefact.com/2018/04/jorge-moll-basis-of-human-morality/). This finding suggests a direct physiological benefit to those who commit altruistic or charitable acts!


If you still aren’t convinced, many studies have been conducted by sociology professionals such as Brent Simpson and Robb Willer suggesting that when you give to others, your generosity will likely be reciprocated in the future. Through these social exchanges a sense of trust and cooperation is promoted, resulting in stronger social ties. The neurological benefits of giving have been uncovered by researchers such as Dr. Moll and hopefully through further studies many more will be uncovered!

Southridge Capital- The Financial Gurus

Southridge Capital is a firm that offers structured and advisory finances to the public companies. Its central core is helping their vast group of customers to meet their full spectrum by providing innovations financial solutions successfully. The company prides in have a strong executive team with strong intuitive and understanding of the commercial marketplace and the expertise to curate and execute the financial plans of their clients.

Southridge Capital has an investment portfolio of 1.8 billion dollars, and it has grown tremendously since 1996 having financed more than 250 public companies. Southridge Capital believes its team can handle any concern that comes due to its growth with the expertise and skills to successfully consult on various corporate issues. The issue ranges from an individual company turning into a public company, to optimizing and management of balance sheet and offering personalized financial techniques.

Southridge Capital offers advisory services that include a financial analysis which deals with designing projected financial statements that are highly detailed and coordinate with the operational and financial assumptions. The company offers Balance Sheet Optimization services that help the companies to maintain the appropriate and the best balance between equity and debt and come up with the high yielding mechanism. Regarding, Acquisitions and Mergers, the company produces the entail access model to the Merger Company or candidate that aligns well and matches the portfolio of the existing clients. The Southridge main job in Restructuring Analysis is coming up with the best action to produce Restructuring outcome that is successful.

The Southridge Capital has a robust management team composed of five experts in the financial industry with the founder being Stephen M, Hicks.The team believes in nurturing social responsibility which is done via informal and formal philanthropy. They promote community leadership volunteer work and also giving to various organizations that need to improve on their firms and have a positive impact on the society. Its done through promoting, providing support and the strength to faith-based charities and non-profit organizations nationally. Southridge capital in conjunction with Daystar Foundation has committed monetary resources and time to improving the society making a difference in lives of many people. You can check their facebook and twitter account.

Ryan Seacrest: A Creative Entrepreneur

Ryan Seacrest is a creative entertainer and entrepreneur. The Georgia native has been a part of entertainment since 1993 where he’s posted or multiple platforms such as ESPN’s Radical Outdoor Challenge, Wild Animal Games, and Click to name a few. Before working with the American Idol series in 2002, he was involved in a multitude of entertaining shows from until 2001.

Once the host became more of a household name during the Idol series, he decided to explore radio in 2004. Ryan Seacrest joined KIIS FM, a broadcast leader in Los Angeles. He was welcomed with a morning show called On Air With Ryan Seacrest. The creative entrepreneur also began hosting American Top 40, replacing former host Casey Kasem. Mr. Seacrest desired to learn the business behind the scenes with television production in 2006. He engineered and co-produced famous reality shows such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Khloe & Lamar, as well as others that fall under the Kardashian umbrella.

Ryan Seacrest continues in full pursuit, with annual red-carpet entertainment events, as well as Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve. Mr. Seacrest usually serves as host as well as executive producer to these franchises. Recently he has taken on the endeavor of co-hosting Live with Kelly and Ryan.

The astute entrepreneur who created his own fashion brand, looked beyond Hollywood for his next endeavor. Ryan Seacrest created a non-profit children’s foundation in 2010. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF) is a network of broadcast centers that team up with pediatric hospitals around the nation. The centers are purposed for promoting education, entertainment experiences, and broadcasting for young individuals. This is a haven for young patients to express their creative talents and aspirations.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation has 9 centers on medical campuses. Its flagship is in Atlanta, and the other centers are in Cincinnati, Dallas, Colorado, Philadelphia, Boston, County, DC, and Los Angeles. RSF is run by the Seacrest family, with Ryan Seacrest leading as founder and chairman. The foundation garnered recognition from Variety Magazine, who named Ryan Seacrest as Philanthropist of the Year. Ryan Seacrest brings creativity to all his endeavors, with a special emphasis on inventiveness and ingenuity in his philanthropy operations.