End Citizens United Looks To Alabama Special Election

In 2010 the Supreme Court saw lawyer James Bopp step into their presence in order to argue on behalf of the conservative group, Citizens United. Bopp is a relatively unassuming man who is soft spoken and focused on the task at hand. Underneath his calm demeanor is a mission to fundamentally pervert the United States government.

James Bopp argued that corporations should be allowed to spend millions of dollars in donations to political figures because it was an extension of their freedom of speech. His ultimate goal, of course, was to open up the doors of dark money into politics. Somehow Bopp was successful in his attempts and now seven years later we have Donald Trump sitting in the White House. This is not a coincidence. Still, that doesn’t mean that American citizens are letting things go. Grassroots campaigns like End Citizens United have sprung up to help fight back against the corporate lobbyists.

End Citizens United was established with the singular goal of introducing a constitutional amendment in order to strip the Supreme Court’s ruling on Citizens United from the books. A decade ago this might have been possible as a bipartisan effort but in the intervening years Washington D.C. has grown increasingly split. There is little to no work across the aisle which means that End Citizens United is relying almost exclusively on progressive and moderate supporters to make a difference.

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In order to find the kind of high level success that a constitutional amendment requires the team at End Citizens United have been focused on endorsing promising progressive candidates who believe in campaign finance reform. This has led ECU to endorse Doug Jones, a former United States attorney who is focused on defeating Roy Moore in the Alabama Special Election coming up this December. Jones is a no-nonsense progressive candidate who believes in campaign finance reform and is willing to make it a core part of his platform. This led End Citizens United to throw their support behind him as he runs against the racist, bigoted, and extreme Roy Moore.

End Citizens United has been enjoying a strong year since Donald Trump was inaugurated into the White House. The PAC has seen their donations surge to an all time high, raising a full $4 million in the first quarter of 2017 alone. Donors are coming out of the woodwork in order to help the team at End Citizens United fight back against what many people see as a disastrous regime that is the Donald Trump White House. Making manners more complicated is the fact that Donald Trump is still under investigation by the FBI for potential illegal campaign coordination with Russia. If these claims become founded in public evidence then End Citizens United will have an easier time making their work come true.

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