MB2 Dental: Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva’s Dental Innovation

Within the dental industry there are really only two paths for a new entrant into the industry, firstly, a dentist can either join a established practice (which offers relatively little autonomy but good stability) or create their own practice (which is effectively the inverse of the previous example, with little in the way of stability but much in the way of personal autonomy). One dentist, however, a one Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, a practicing dentist who has a extensive background in both corporate dentistry as well as his own personal clinic, decided that it was time for a entirely new dental model, a entirely new way of conceptualizing the dental industry itself and the place of dental doctors within it. It was this idea, the desire to circumnavigate the rather stern dicotamy previously mentioned, that drove Dr. Villanueva to create MB2 Dental which vows to put doctors, and thus, patients, first above all other things.


MB2 Dental focuses on getting doctors to aid other doctors whilst simultaneously avoiding excessive micromanaging and autocratic interference which allows the companies dentists to do what they do best – focus on their work and their patients. This in turn means that patients themselves are getting leaps better attention and care than they would at most other, more traditional, dental clinics. The primary way that MB2 Dental facilitates Dr. Villanueva’s vision is by setting the company up to be dentist owned which means that personal autonomy is highly incentivised and thus better meets the demands of the free market which is a big plus for all parties involved.


When, in a recent interview for Ideamensch, Mr. Villanueva is asked why he thinks he has been so successful he responds by saying that his mentor always told him, “Not to be the smartest guy in the room,” meaning that you should not always be trying to come up with all of the answers yourself (since no one reasonably can expect to do so). Rather, Mr. Villanueva notes, he likes to surround himself with a wide array of advisors, each of whom has a different kind of specialty which then allows everyone to work in greater harmony and with a much higher degree of effectiveness. Simple as this might seem, the practice has been working quite well for Dr. Villanueva as his company is rapidly expanding with no end to success in sight.


MB2 Dental currently boasts nearly 600 full time employees and operates in over 70 different brick and mortar locations in over six different states spread out over the United States of America.


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