Shaq, Justin Bieber have a dance-off

Shaquille O’Neal loves to dance. He’s probably one of the best dancing big men of all-time, easily the best in NBA history. As far as people who are rather larger, I can honestly say Squeegee Lo is the only one who can top Shaq, and he’s not nearly as tall.

Most recently, O’Neal has developed a surprising close relationship with teen pop-star Justin Bieber. The two most recently linked up to have a dance-off on O’Neal’s ABC show Shaq Vs.

I didn’t know Bieber was that good of a dancer to be honest, but I guess it’s expected — it’s his job. That said, I have to give the prize to The Big Shamrock, Shaq’s finishing move did Bieber in.

Can’t get enough of Shaq and Bieber? Here’s footage of O’Neal joining Bieber on stage at his concert in Orlando and handling Ludacris’ verse to “Baby.”

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